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Constipation-only going once a week!

Hey all,

well i am on week 3 SS. Everything is going great apart from only going to the toilet once a week! When i go i am very constipated and its really hard so it gets painful. I have started taking the fibre 89 twice a day and really hope it works cos i dont think i could manage it for a 3rd time. Its getting so that im scared to go which isnt good. If it doesnt start to sort itself out soon i will either have to go up a plan or 2. OR quit the diet :( which i really dont wanna do.

Anyone have any advice?

Many Thanks to anyone who replies. I know this is a yucky subject. btw i have tried senakot max and fibregel.
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try dulcolax it is a double hit ,it loosens your lower intestines and your bowels ,i was like you but this is a great fixer. its the only part of ss i dont like ,but as we dont have much waste to pass ,once a week isnt too bad i dont think.
I use ducolax 2twice a week, just to keep things going nicely, its slightly uncomfortable so is best done over night while your sleeping and then 'going' in the morning.
All i can say is keep up with the fibre clear and more water, also exercise gets things moving.
oooo forgot to mention that whoops night time only and the cramps are a bit uncomfortable but not as bad as not going to the loo for a number 2 lol.............


is gonna do it!!
I was exactly the same the last time i done ss. This time, instead of hardly drinking during the day and then drinking large quantities in the evening, I drink throughout the day, also Dulcolax is the best remedy I found.
I feel for you as its sooo painful.
Give dulcolax a go.
its hell!! i am worried that i will have to use dolcoease (which doesn't always work) forever and if there is any permanent damamge to bowels. however, loving CD at the moment and hope it all goes back to normal when i start eating.
Hi I am exactly the same and was going to post the same thing i have now read the thread and am gonna go and buy dulcolax thanks all hope yours gets better burgerbun x
Thanks all,

1 question tho. Will Dulcolax or however its spelt kick me out of ketosis??
Also be very careful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am exactly the same feeling a bit bunged up and can't go. Last night I took some senna (read the box and took as guided) but today I felt like I was having palpitations, ket getting hot then cold sweats, kept feeling faint. I called my husband at work and asked him to come home as it was just me and the baby on our own and I though if I faint.....the baby is on his own. Hubby takes about 2 hours to get home, everyone else is working so he called my mum in law to come sit with us keep an eye. I kept drinking water to keep myself but I had to give in and eat some sugar! I felt better after a bit of sugar and a piece of toast.

Just be careful of laxatives....maybe it was just me but I felt really out of control and concerned for my 1 year old son. I'll start back on cd tomorrow but as for today I feel dreadful.

Hope you're ok soon x x x x
Please let me know if the fibre helps, as I am having the same problem and I don't want to use ducolax regularly, as I don't want to become dependent on it, as I saw that happen to someone I know.

I only started ss on tuesday, but I haven't had a number 2 for over a week, so I am really bloated - as there are several days of muller light yogurts & chicken & veg & will as the SS diet waiting to come out. Sorry to sound disgusting.
well i have been struggling to go gotta get cd stuff off cdc tomorrow its agony and am doing damage to myself trying to go hope it works out for you hun xxx


Gone fishing
Oh gosh. Do feel for you :hug99:

A word of caution though. Ducolax isn't recommended on Cambridge as it's too harsh. Neither should anyone be taking laxatives regularly. Take them too much and your body becomes dependent on them.

Take sennakot to relieve the constipation, or those glycerine suppositories. I should imagine you could use both together if things are too bad, but check on that.

After that, use the Fibre89, or fibresure (from any chemists). A teaspoon in 2-3 shakes is fine daily. These preventatives can be taken regularly and if you've tried them and they don't seem to be working, it maybe that you are either not using them all the time, or that you may need an extra dose.

Don't take it when you are constipated though as it makes the problem worse.

Oh and BTW, remember that if you are SSing, you wont 'go' as much as before as there is little waste. Though some people carry on 'going' daily, others may find that they only go every 3-4 days.

Hope it gets sorted soon!
Thank-you, KD

I managed to get it out last night, through alot of pain, I have never had a baby, so the pain I went through has put me off having children, as child-birth must be 10x worst!!!!!!
I didn't force it out, by pushing too hard as that is dangerous, it just came to the stage where it was it was there & needed to come - I couldn't stand up straight without shaking in pain.

The fibre89 or fibresure - does that interfere with ketosis and is it the same stuff as they say on the CD website you can buy from your CDC. Is so is it cheaper from the chemist, how much is it approx?

Glycerine suppositories are my new best friends - have been fine for weeks on SS with the occasional Sennakot to get things moving, but over the last 2 or 3 weeks, it's been horrendous. Will use senna and the sups to sort it all out then use fibresure regularly!
I have brought fibre 89 from cdc and its fab havent struggled sine last week well worth it but as the others say the dulcolax and sennocot are good to x
Hi Ladies - Had the same problem really bad, and very painful.Found that the CDfibre89 did not work for me and taking laxatives not good for the long term !!! On here another lady on CD recommended Psyllium Husks - Exactly the same as fibre 89 you add to your shakes.You buy it from Holland and Barratt in powder form it is about £12 a tub but i take it twice a day in a shake and it lasts for about a month.I have been fine ever since.
The full name is Colon Care + Powdered Psyllium Husk its a natural fibre. Strongly recommend you give it a try.

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