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hey gals,

Its a bit O/T and not so at the same time,

basically iv been on the depo injection for 2 years and its beena god send, no periods at all (thank god!) but i was called to the doctors today to review this, despite only ahving my last one a matter of weeks ago,

they wanted to discuss changeing me back to the pill now that i am a non smoker and have dropped a substantial amount of weight..

I asked about it possibly effecting my weight.. as i was always under the impression it was quite common to have this side affect from the pill.. but she says im more likley to gain on the depo?

Just wandered what all your thoughts where and if any of you have expieranced side affects or weight gain with any perticular contraceptive methods.

gutted theyv took me off the injection. Now iv gotta have star weeks again.. ffs LOL

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Im right there with you that the depo is defo a god send woohooo

as for putting on weight with others i wouldnt no sorry but i did put on weight with 2 different pills as in a big weight for all 9 months haha yes thats why im on depo after being caught twice on different pills :sigh: but love them to bits.

Now i was wondering if depo was stopping me losing weight as its took me over 4-5 months to lose just 5lbs cos when ive been good and not lost i just pigged out and went back to start weight so i was thinkng maybe i need to come of depo but i have bad periods hence on it, but im due soon and i need to have next two depo's as going vegas in oct then i was going to give it a miss and see after nov if i would eventually lose weight.

hope some one can help :D


A moaning old boot!!!!
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I was on depo for 2 years and it was the worst thing I ever did. I put on sooooo much weight with it, and was soooooooo moody I think I was nearly single on a number of occasions.
After long discussions with my OH we decided that I would come off it and give my body a break. It then took my body over 7 months to get back to slight normality. As great as it was to not have periods, I would NEVER go on it again. But that is just my experience. I dont think that any pill would agree with me and that is why me and my OH just have condoms now. Its better for both of us, less moods for me and less arguments for him. Its also a lot cleaner haha :) (sorry if TMI).
I do think that your body changing its levels of hormones will make you crave more so you may put on weight if you change but then again, if you were sensible about it, it may not affect you. The best bit of advice I can give you is to make sure you discuss it with your OH, they do have to deal with your moods too!!! :)
Hiya Sorry couldn't resist it !!

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Simplos !!

Phil xxxx


Lovin it !!! :)
I have been on depo for 5 years - no side effects no weight gain - well actually yes I have had weight gain but that was due to my piggy habits & nothing to do with the depo - why did the docs take you of it ?
I was told by nurse that after 2 years they do not advise staying on for longer due to possible risks etc but I was given the choice to make the decision myself - if I was happy to go with it and was aware of any risks associated with it then they would continue to give it - to be fair - there are risks with the pill also so, obviously I was checked as to my risk factor - family history etc and as it was such that I was considered a "low" risk to osteoperosis etc then the option was with me.

I would hate to not have the injection - even though I have not been in a relationship for some time, I still go every 12 weeks for my jab as it is sooo convenient.

Bev xx


Bring it on!
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Oh i am an expert on this! Where to start..
Had Depo injection, breakthru bledding almost constant so no good! Had a Mirena coil (also often stops periods) again breakthru bleeding, no good! Plus when i had it removed **boys should really look away now** bleed so much for 10 days they had to give me tablets to stop it! Combined pill was fine took about 4 or 5 brands till i found one that suited. Finally (i.e now, well before i decided to get pregnant!) minipill, after 2 different brands, that's great, just take it every day, no side effects and seems to be reliable..i.e. i've not got up the duff when i've been taking it!! As per usual everyones different and whatever suits one of us might not suit another. The only one i wouldn't touch again if you paid me is the coil!
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Haha thanks everyone!!

she said that as iv been on it for 2 years already, and given my age that it wasnt doing my body much good and that there are safer options i.e the pill.. i felt like slapping her. Hello, i dont want periods!? LOL its like giving a child a sweet then taking it away?!

BUT, i appriciate the risks etc.

Hmm. Liking the idea of OH taking lead. Bowt bloody time he did somthing! LOL. and also, as mentioned.. cleaner!

right now, my only concern is, not getting fat again LOL.. and not suddenly finding that actually, im not just getting fat again, and its more than a couple of cheesecakes in my belly :eek: LOL

but is that just aiming for disaster leaving it to dearest oh?

.. also, Phil.. really?! LOL your such a typical boy! x
Hi gals

Just have a look at this, we lads have just as bad too !!

The "Umbrelly"

The newest development in male contraception was unveiled
recently at the American's Women's Surgical Symposium held
at the Ann Arbor Medical Center. Dr. Sophia Merkin, of the
Merkin Clinic, announced the preliminary findings of a study
conducted on 763 unsuspecting male grad students at a large
Midwestern university. In her report, Dr. Merkin stated that
the new contraceptive- the IPD -was a breakthrough in male
contraception. It will be marketed under the trade name "Umbrelly."

The IPD (intrapenal device) resembles a tiny folded umbrella
that is inserted through the head of the penis and pushed into
the scrotum with a plunger-like instrument. Occasionally, there
is perforation of the scrotum, but this is disregarded, since it
is known that the male has few nerve endings in this area of his
body. The underside of the umbrella contains a spermicidal jelly,
hence the name "Umbrelly."

Experiments on a thousand white whales from the Continental Shelf
(whose sexual apparatus is said to be closest to man's) proved the
Umbrelly to be 100 percent effective in preventing production of sperm
and eminently satisfactory to the female whale, since it doesn't
interfere with her rutting pleasure.

Dr. Merkin declared the Umbrelly to be statistically safe for the
human male. She reported that of the 763 grad students tested with
the device, only two died of scrotal infection:eek:, only twenty
experienced swelling of the tissues:eek:. Three developed cancer of the
testicles:eek:, and thirteen were too depressed to have an erection:eek::eek:. She
states that common complaints ranged from cramping and bleeding to
acute abdominal pain. She emphasized that these symptoms were merely
indications that the man's body had not yet adjusted to the device.:D:D
Hopefully the symptoms were disappear within a year.

One complication caused by th IPD and briefly mentioned by Dr. Merkin
was the incidence of massive scrotal infection necessitating the surgical
removal of the testicles:cry::cry:. "But this is a rare case," said Merkin, "too
rare to be statistically important. She said the other distinguished
members of the Women's College of Surgeons agreed that the benefits far
outweighed the risk to any individual man

Phil x
Love you Fern..... XXX

You know me... can,t resist a laugh with you lovely lot, even those who want to ignore a bit of testosterone ( heheheheh!)

Hope you are all sorted !

Phil x
S: 14st13lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Love you Fern..... XXX

You know me... can,t resist a laugh with you lovely lot, even those who want to ignore a bit of testosterone ( heheheheh!)

Hope you are all sorted !

Phil x

LOL, You do make me chuckle!

Thank you for your advice everyone..
Maybe i shall suggest it to Oh now, my body does need a break.. not having periods couldnt have done my body any good! x

*you lot are fab :)*

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