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Cookie's CD Diary


Needs some encouragement!
Hello...I'm so rubbish that I can never find my other posts so will start a diary!

(I am also supposed to be doing some work and am putting it off).

I started SS a week ago today. I need to lose between 2 and a half and 3 stone. I put on loads of weight before I had my 2 year old daughter, then more afterwards. I used to do alot of running, and managed to lose 2 and a half stone on WW, but all attempts to do it again have failed - partly as I have a bad back and cannot even walk down the road without back ache. This is not helped by being overweight tho!!

So after feeling so rubbish about myself, not being able to fit into any clothes, being the largest of all my friends, heavier than my DAD (OMG!!) I have bitten the bullet and started CD. I was worried at first as I get hungry so quickly and shake from low sugar.

The first three days were difficult, but actually not as bad as I thought. I am drinking 4 litres of water a day, and it has made me realise that I was probably thirsty rather than hungry. I sat and watched my family eating Sunday lunch with my litre of sparkling water.

Day 4 we went on holiday. I am still on holiday now and it has been really hard. Watching my daughter eating, walking past burger joints, smelling the seaside fish and chips, curry houses, sweet shops has been the hardest thing ever. My husband has been great - eating dinner while I am bathing my daughter so I cant see him! I have worked so hard to not eat anything and am so proud of myself that I have resisted all temptations.

All I wanted to do was get special breakfasts each day - croissants, fry ups etc, each time I walk past the supermarket I want to go in and have a bar of chocolate or a coke, I want to finish off my daughters picnics, eat all the foods on the menus I see!!

But I havent. I am too determined! I havent really felt that hungry, maybe a bit after I walk a long way, but nothing that a bit of water cant help. I am taking 4 litres of water around with me in the buggy and keep swigging them all day! I am also being very wierd and sniffing food. I have sat in restaurants, taken my husbands burger and sniffed it. Sniffed a packet of quavers and made my daughter eat fish and chips so I could smell them!!! Wierd but it works!

I can feel my clothes getting looser after a week and cannot wait until Tuesday when I am having my first weigh in.

Anyway, that brings me up to date now. I am going for my dinner now... the vegetable soup with added pepper! LOVING the soups (think thats the highlight of my day!)

Gosh I have gone on a bit now sorry I guess I needed to get it all out!

Anyway, if any of you are going on holiday - don't think that you cant carry the diet on. It starts hard, and is hard but it is mind over matter. Don't set yourself back again, keep going.

Thanks to everyone on here too - hearing what you are doing is REALLY helping

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Hello! Welcome to the boards. I must say that I feel that you could be talking about me in your post! I also have a 2-year old daughter. I also started a diary today because I couldn't find my other posts! LOL. Unlike you though, I've had a few blips on the diet. I admire you very much for being so determined to stick to it. I'm sure you're going to have a really great weightloss this week. Good luck and well done so far. Look forward to seeing your posts. :)


Needs some encouragement!
Ah thank you! Am a bit rubbish at finding anything on here to be honest! Thank you - I do so hope that the scales have moved ALOT! I think I will be a bit disheartened if they only have dropped a bit after working so hard. But, bigger picture eh!



Strong women stay slim
go to user cp and there will be List Subscriptions every posts you've done should be there
You have done extremely well resisting all of the tempations. It is especially amazing that you have stuck to the diet whilst on holiday. I don't think I could have done that myself. So you should be very proud of yourself for where you are now.

You mentioning sniffing food reminds me of a story about an old colleague of mine. I gave him the book that helped me stop smoking. I hadn't seen him for months, but he visited the company where I worked and he had finally stopped. But then he told me about something he did a few days before....

He's a sales rep and he was driving from one company to the next and on the way he saw a betting office. He said he slammed on the breaks and put the car in to the nearest parking spot and ran in to get a fix of the cigarette smoke. :D

This was back in 2004 before the smoking ban. It still makes me laugh when I imagine him doing it.


Needs some encouragement!
That sounds about right! Keep walking past curry houses for a sniff! It does actually help! Am off to the beach now to resist all those ice creams. Can't really sniff an ice cream :-(


Needs some encouragement!
Well after a day at the beach, and my disgusting Strawberry ready made, I am now starving. The most hungry that I have been so far. Think it was the 2 miles walk that did it. Shouldn't really go so far away from the loo either with all this water I'm drinking. Had to walk ages to find one. Husband telling me to use my daughters potty but I wasn't so keen on that...

There is a bag of quavers which are calling my name on the kitchen table. I can hear them. And its still about 2 hours until I can have my next shake. This is sooooo hard!!!
Some of the mammoth toilet breaks I've taken recently would easily overflow a potty, I'm sure!! :D

The quavers aren't calling your name, they are telling you to stay away. If you have been more active recently, then it will explain why you are feeling more hungry. You just have to stay strong and get through it. You can and you will. ;)
YEY!!! You have your own ickle thread. Great to hear your sticking to the diet... You have fantastic willpower to begin it whilst on holiday.. Well done you!!! I get the quavers thing too. My lil man has them with his lunch sometimes, and as he's only 8 months so will just have a few. but then there is this open packet sitting there calling my name. If the OH is around, i get him to eat them for me so their out the way, but if not i just crunch the pack up so they;re all crumbs... Bit of a waste of money, but i'd rather that than eat them :D
Hope you're still haing a good time. xx


Needs some encouragement!
Hello - yes I am dead proud of myself having so much will power. Just cleaned the holiday house ready to leave tomorrow and am starving again! Really should stop doing this exercise (!).... Really want to get on my scales and see what I have lost! Think I also need to do some sit ups or something (not many!) to lose my belly a bit. Thats been the most horrible part since having my daughter - I always had a spare tyre but it got bigger and bigger...yuk.

Oh well, what can I go and sniff now?!
Hi Cookie,
Glad to see you're doing well. I'm stuck at work till 6pm this evening, but at least there are no temptations today. How are you getting on with the shakes,etc?

Anyway, just wanted to see how you're doing.
Have a good day. :D


Strong women stay slim
have a warm up before the sit ups ...
Mentally hard I know but each day is a step closer ... if yu cheat you cheat yourself ... but i'm sure your in control :)


Needs some encouragement!
Thanks MsJMC I will take that advice! Yes I think I am in control - Im seeing it as a big challenge, have told so many people that I am doing it that if I dont succeed I will look silly!


Needs some encouragement!
haha again FBS you make me laugh! No, I haven't seen it! I think I type before reading what I have written.

Hello Tess thanks for your post- I'm ok thanks - except for sitting here starving today! I had a chocolate shake for breakfast - I decided to make them with ice cold water and whizz them in the blender for ages and they are quite nice! Not sure why you have to do odd things to the tomato soup one - make it into a paste first with cold water?!? And not supposed to blend it?! I do and it tastes fine! I added a pinch of curry powder the other day to one soup - not sure if Im supposed to?! Hope it was ok! Hope you have a good day too!x


Needs some encouragement!
Well I have really struggled today. Starving hungry most of the day. Just guzzled my water though and smoked a few ciggies which is bad but at the moment I would prefer that option. On the up side, my jeans are baggy which is great. Sad though as no energy to play in the park with my daughter so sat and watched instead. Freezing cold too. Moan moan moan. Sorry :-(
Hi Cookie,
You are doing really well! I'm sure you'll have loads of energy soon and you'll be able to play with your daughter again.

I've not tried the tomato soup to be honest. I'm not a huge fan of tomato soup anyway, so have been a bit reluctant to try it. I may also try your method of adding crushed ice to the shakes. Sounds really nice.
I've been very hungry yesterday too, but I only managed about 3.5lt of water, so that may be why.
Anyway, hope you have a great day! :)
Tess x
Don't feel like you are moaning. It's natural to feel a bit down during all of this. It's not always easy, but look at how far you've come already. You have done amazingly well to stick to CD whilst on holiday. Not many people can honestly say that they could have done the same. Your jeans are baggy, which is another sign of you doing everything right.

It is a little sad that you didn't have the energy to play with your daughter, but imagine next summer when you have as much (if not more) energy than she does and you can play with her in the park for hours on end. ;)

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