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My mum has just been diagnosed (literally this morning) with COPD and she obviously really really needs to quit smoking if she wants any chance at prolonging her life.

Has anyone tried those new electronic cigarettes that are available now becuase she is a 40+ a day smoker and I don't know if she will just manage with NTR or cold turkey.

If anyone has any experience with them could they let me know please, I don't want to buy one for her if they are no good.


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I wish I could help here Vicky, but I haven't tried them. Sorry.
Thanks any way Jim, I'm just so frightened I want to do anything I can to help.

Sorry to say the first thing I did when I found out was have a cigarette!
My Mother in Law had COPD Vicky, her last 5 years were awful, she had to walk about (when she could) with an air tank on her back. One of the reasons I'm giving up, I want more quality of like than that when I'm older.
I looked up alot on it and that's what frightens me, I'm only 22, my mum is only 48 and I'm not ready to loose her yet. She lives all the way in Manchester and I am in Southend so it's not like I can pop round and visit her every day, luckily my sister lives round the corner from her so she can keep an eye.

Any way they are keeping her in hospital over the weekend on oxygen and nebulisers with steroids and antibiotics. I'm hoping as this is the first episode she has had it is in the early stages, I don't even want to think of if she is in the later stages.

She is still on Oxygen at the hospital and the consultant has said that if she is still on it when he does his rounds this evening he is going to give her something to open her airways.
At least she won't be able to smoke in the hospital Vicky, and maybe this scare will help?
Well she has decided that this episode has been way too scary for her to carry on smoking so thats a plus I guess.

It is definately the scare I need to stop and hopefully it will be for my sister as well.

Thanks for responding to me Jim I really appreciate it.

No worries love, I've been there. Maybe if all 3 of you decide to quit and that way you can offer support over the phone and stuff?
Hi Jim,

Just to let you know my mum was discharged from hospital last week and she is feeling much better, still struggling a little bit with her breathing when she does certain things but it is getting a little easier every day, just keeping you posted thanks for your support.

Hi there I am sorry to hear about your mum. I packed in smoking 11 years ago. It can be done. I found the first two weeks the hardest. I have asthma so I couldn't touch a ciggy. I tried but my chest wouldn't take it.

I hope your mum feels better soon. xx
Thanks Vicky, that's good news love. Is she smoking still or has she stopped?


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Hi, I gave up smoking 8 weeks ago. I am so obsessed with this diet that I haven't really had time to think about it. It wasn't really the diet that did it. It was being completely engrossed in something so that I didn't think about the fags. I went from 20 or more a day to nothing overnight without any help. I have honestly never felt better in my life.
Well done Lind good for you. My mum has stopped smoking she has got herself one of those Nicorette Inhilators she is doing well at the moment, as I said before she says there is nothing like facing your own mortality to make you not want the cigarettes. She is also enjoying have a bit of extra money as well, she is disabled and gets benefits becuase she can't work and my brother in law is out of work at the moment so he and my sister are struggling financially and she says it feels nice to be able to give them £20-£30 per week that would have gone on cigarettes to help them get by. She suffers from Bi-Polar and I think her being able to do that gives her a sense of self worth too so all in all her not smoking is working well for her.

Keep it up Lind



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Thats great for your mum. It's good that she is giving the money to help your sister and brother in law. It will help keep her on the straight and narrow.

If she struggles get her to have a look on here it's so inspirational.

Well done your mum. :)