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Corned Beef

Hi all, I'm on new on here!

Was just wondering whether corned beef would affect my ketosis. I don't know why but I just ate a couple of slices. Am at my parents house and wouldn't normally have such goodies in my fridge at home. There is far too much temptation! Can't wait to go home, just having one of those nights I'm afraid! :(
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Hey Kathrine
I wouldn't have thought it would actually, but clearly the more you pick the more likely you will come out of ketosis!
How far into LL are you just now? :)

I will be going into Week 4 on Monday. So far I have lost 16lbs. I was only going to do the programme for 6 weeks hopefully losing 21lbs (I did start last year but failed, so lost 2 stone on ww but then hit a brick wall - my LLC said I could come back on refresher course til I lost the remainder of my weight)

I have been picking a bit for the last 2 weeks - think its cos I'm nearly at my goal and there isn't as much fat on my body as there used to be! Just really want to lose my last 7 lbs soon and go into management and keep this bloomin weight off for good!!:)

Hi Tiger Girl

On Monday I will be entering my 4th Week. So far I have lost 16 lbs and am very happy with that! I started on a refresher course (started LL last year but failed after week! So joined ww and lost 2 stone - then hit brick wall so decided to go back to LL to lost the final 1.5 - 2 stones). My intentions where to do he refresher course for 6 weeks then go into maintenance - but lately I have been so hungry??! I'm not sure if its because I am so near to my goal weight ( 7lbs left BMI of 25). Wish I could shift the fat from my waist tho - its hanging there like a spare part lol. Just having my breakfast chocolate and coffee shake, just want to get thru today - find the weekends the hardest. ;)


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Hang in there Kathrine, you have done so well, just another 7lbs to go.
You have done fantastically on your 4 weeks of LL, esp as you already lost so much weight at WW.
Just keep thinking how close you are to goal, there will be plenty of time to nibble corned beef then! Be careful as if you do knock yourslef out of ketotsis it's going to be a touch 4 days getting back into it.
Take care, and let us know how its going.
Kate x

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