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corsets and me

ive been going to burlesque clubs and wearing corsets for years, and ive really missed wearing them over the last couple of months, i had to sell my lovely collection of steel boned corsets on ebay.
Anyway my friend gave me her old 32 inch corset as something to aim for and oh my god it fits perfectly, im so excited to have a 32 inch waste, even if it is only that size because its squeezed into a corset.
Cant wait to go out so as i can wear it.
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I expect pictures :D

Well done!
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Yes, pictures please. I'm a huge corset fan, can't wait to get to goal and treat myself to some rigby and pellar creations :D

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i've only ever had one proper corset and its fab - it took me a while to figure out how to wear it properly as the first time my boobs ended up under my chin - and i still need help to get into it!

i had it made to measure from corsetcurves.com for my wedding - cost about £120 but boy was worth it!!! ;-)
daisy x


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I have never worn a corset!! SHOCKER. Was looking at some on ebay but am totally unsure of sizes etc. Any pointers?
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I wore a boned basque one night when my now husband came to meet me in the states. (Not the first night. I;m a good girl I am. :D)

It was gorgeous and despite my size actually looked pretty good. BUt it was sooooo tight. We had a very nice, 5 star meal of very rich foods. Small quantities - cost an arma nd a leg, but were very rich.

By the time the meal was consumed in this contraption - all I could do was rush back to the room, rip it off, crawl into bed and die. It made me so sick!!! HA HA HA HA

Might have to try again now. :D
emzski, you should always wear a corset between 2 and 4 inch smaller than your actual size, the gap at the lacing should be 2 inch, if you have a smaller bust go for a corset that is straight accross the top if your bigger go for a sweatheart design.
im lucky one of my best friends makes bespok corsets for a living so we are always coming up with new designs for me, i think i have 4 on order for when i get to target


Do a little dance!
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I've never thought about wearing one to be honest... I have quite a small waist but bigger hips and bust.

Last time it was measures I was something like Bust 42 1/2, Waist 32, Hips 45. (this was first meeting of LL... I've always had a smallish waist, but still been a min size 16.

Surely A corset would be like other clothes and not fit other areas if I got a smaller waist?!

I want to try on now!

EDIT. Just measured and a very happy bubby. Bust 41, Waist 30 1/2, Hips 41. I LOVE lighterlife.
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Oh I love corsets. I had to get rid of two already this month as they are too big :cry:

I'm going to get some made for me when I get to target. Until then I'm venturing into the fun world of wearing Lingerie and outerwear! I love basques!

A 48" to a 32" GT!? That's awesome stuff. Bet your smiling like the cheshire cat right now!!

B x


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I use Touchable ( Touchable, Corsetry ) corsetry and had some specials for my wedding and honeymoon and I certainly intend to get back into them at some stage!!! I also prefer to wear seamed stockings of which they have a nice range but Stockings HQ have a larger one. Devine stuff, especially for the hourglass Em, you make it fit and accentuate!!
Hi a question do the corsets as seen on the above site give support for the biger bust? I've managed to get down to a slim 12 but still left with 30hh boobs(albeit very saggy....poor things!)
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OMG!!!!!!! Wow!!!!!! No other words apart from you look amazing!!!!!!!!!!



Do a little dance!
S: 13st9lb C: 8st2lb G: 9st7lb Loss: 5st7lb(40.31%)
:eek: BOOBS!

Oops... sorry.

Looks lovely :D
lol emveg thats just the reaction im hoping for when im out. mind you take the corset off and its a whole different story, my nipple tassels are now knee dusters,
sorry thats just waaaay too much information isnt it xx

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