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  1. louisa83

    louisa83 Full Member

    My Counsellor does a set price for products however you can only have 3 briks and 7 bars if you wanted bars and briks you have to pay £2.35 each on top of the £39 set fee.

    How does it work for you?
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  3. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    That seems a tad exspensive :s

    I pay £1.70 for sachets & £1.95 for briks & bars so... with 2 sachets and 1 bar/tetra per day I pay... around £35/week
  4. louisa83

    louisa83 Full Member

    When can you have bars because I had been told I have to lose a stone first.
  5. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Week 3 (day 15) regardless of weightloss, though your CDC might prefer his/her clients to have something to look forward to after that first stone.

    Out of interest, are you doing SS with 4 products a day? If so, £35 is very inexpensive. Did your CDC tell you that you need 4 a day at your height?

    Or perhaps you are doing 810 which would be 3 a day??
  6. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    I'm doing 3 a day and 200cal white & green meal

    I'm being very careful this time as the last CDC I had gave me loads of wrong information!
  7. louisa83

    louisa83 Full Member

    I am doing SS+ with 3 sachets KD
  8. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    Ah right. good. 3 products and the small meal? Sorry for the questions...just checking you're on the right thing after I saw your height.:D
  9. louisa83

    louisa83 Full Member

    I just don't understand in terms of the set fee. Why give a maximum and minimum amount of products as I may not like the other products. I would then have to pay an additional £2.35 for each product including the set fee of £39
  10. rebecca02uk

    rebecca02uk Wants to be slim :)

    £2.35 each for an extra tetra/bar is outrageous!!

    I pretty much live on tetras and bars!! Usually spend £35-£40pw x
  11. chocolatecat

    chocolatecat One day at a time :)

    what do you get for that £39? Is it all shakes/soups?

    If so, she's charging you £1.85/pack (reasonable) and £2.35/bar (which I think is a little expensive).

    does that make sense?
  12. KD

    KD Gone fishing

    That does seem a lot. Are you 100% sure that's the case? And not £2.35 per product? Sometimes things can be 'misexplained' if you know what I mean.

    CDCs can charge what they like mind you, but I do wonder whether they meant £2.35 for each item if you chose something else
  13. louisa83

    louisa83 Full Member

    It's £39 set fee you can have 7 bars and 3 briks. You then have to choose from the other sachets in the set fee. If you want additional briks you have to pay £2.35. i don't know about the additional costs for the bars yet.

    It's just i have a pack with all the sachets this week and what I was going to do was try them out this week and decide what I like and what I don't like.

    However, i did want to have one brik a day, which maybe a bit costly with the £39 fee as well as the £2.35 x4
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  14. louisa83

    louisa83 Full Member

    I thought of another thing what will i do with the sachets that I don't like in my set fee when I have to buy additional briks.
  15. Laura Croft

    Laura Croft Happily maintaining

    The set fee is something that your CDC is doing. I think a good majority of CDCs just sell everything by the item.

    If you have a look at the receipt from CDC, it says the packs can be returned within 14 days if they are unopened.

    Again, I'm quite sure a good number of CDCs will exchange packs if there's a flavour you don't like. I've had a few and they all have.

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