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Cottage Cheese

I use mine in omelettes, a recent discovery and saves on cheese! Also good mixed in with cooked pasta and veg and baked in the oven. Good in a SW quiche (eggs, CC, veg etc) baked in the oven.
Stuffed in a jacket spud
On toast
With veg sticks

Versatile little beast is cottage cheese!
Some are free, some not. I think Asda pineapple is free but not others. Same with the chive one. Best to ask first but the syn value isn't high - half a syn per 100g for most.


Nojo on the YoYo
I like Aldi pineapple and the chive one actually - the low fat diet range one of course - they are 69p per pot, and free. Huzzahs.


Slow but sure....
Actually the Asda pineapple one is 1 syn per 100g (that's 3 syns for a 300g pot) but I still eat this one because I think it is the best tasting Cottage cheese of all the supermarket's own VLF brand...

Tesco's is ½ a syn per 100g...
I tend to use tesco, it is closest to where I live, the cottage cheese with onion and chives healthy choices is free and pineapple healthy choices is 1 1/2 syns for whole pot ( 300g) I think that is fab, I make little mini quiches in a muffin tin, line the tin with ham, add onions, mushrooms slice of tomato into each little portion then mix a tub of cottage cheese with onion and chive with 3 eggs and pour that mixture into the little tubs, cook in a medium oven until they start to brown, then when they are cool they pop out easy, and are good little portions to take to work in a lunch box

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