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couch25k starter...running at double recommended weight safe?


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As you can see I'm pretty heavy... I've taken a stab at c25k.

I found doing a slow walk: fast walk, as opposed to walk:jog better when my knees are playing up.

I'm just about able to jog thanks to fitness in other areas and I've been repeating week 1 a few times before I push on. Only fitting it in once or twice a week between all my other training. You don't have to follow the plan to a tee, but some of the intervals are a great basis to start on.

Its just finding the way to do it that doesn't hurt you too much... the most important part is listening to your body.

Good luck x

p.s if you can't run you can't run. There's absolutely no shame in that. I couldn't run when I started at my gym (I was 20 stone) x
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I've gone from 20st 7 to 19 st 7 so far and the difference in my energy levels are immense and I'm dreaming about running at the moment so thought I might as well give it a go. Slow alk/fast walk is what I'm going to do at first and if I can up it, I ill, but not going to force myself. Thanks for your advice :)


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It certainly is!

I'm going about 6 down the canal so I'll make sure (if I can breathe) I'll come on here when I get back :)


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Yup just take it slow and listen to your body. You're body will tell you if its struggling or wants you to stop.

There is no reason why you cant run being overweight, i'm classed as obese and run atleast twice a week with atleast one run a week being over 10miles.

Be sure to let us know how you get on chick :)

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