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Countdown to D-Day- Can I do it?

Hi Everyone

Well its been a rocky road for me diet-wise over the last 8 months but I am determined to get back on track and to post on here regularly to help my motivation and get support also!

I started CD for the first time last March and truly had amazing results- going from 15.9 stones to 11.3 over 4 months. Frustratingly- this didn't last as I had work commitments which meant travelling away from home and the embarrassment (or excuse) of eating with colleagues every night which meant I went straight from SS to conventional eating and overeating- and the inevitable weight gain.

So here I am again with 3 stones to lose and my 30th birthday coming up in May (which I am determined to be slim for). I have been (unsuccessfully) trying to SS on-ff since New Year but am definitely committing to starting tomorrow- have cleared out the cupboards and stocked up on water. I can't believe how much harder it is to get going and break the 1 week barrier 2nd time round- but I know the results are worth it.

Any tips from struggling and successful restarters would be appreciated-
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Hi Scarlett !

Good luck and dont forget you are not alone on this journey. I too did CD last March and lost over 2st only to put it back on. I find posting on here helps as I dont feel so alone. I am staying positive and remembering how good it felt last time round when I lost the weight and got into smaller size clothes. Keep glugging the water and keeping busy helps.
Yes you CAN and WILL do it. You have the previous experience which you have learned from and a positive attitude - all which will help you on this journey.
We're all here for support and look forward to seeing your inevitable progress.
Take care, stay strong and focussed


Let’s do this!! d(*.*)b
I too am a restartin, on Lipotrim. But you're right it does seem more difficult the second time around. Thank God I found minimins this time round. Great stuff for the motivation when u're havin a 'weak' moment.

My advice would be for the first.... to distract urself continuously. I manicured and mousturised, took long long baths (can't do that in the kitchen :)), I scrubbed and cleaned my entire flat and when things got too much..... I got the hell outta the house and went for a walk. I knew the weekend would be the worst so I organised with a supportive friend to go on a road trip for the day to a park. There was no temptation in the car and I brought my shake so that when she was eating so was I.

Once you get to your first WI you're away!! You can remember how great you felt the last time.... well I'm on week 3 and that feeling definitely hasn't changed.... in fact I think that I feel better than I did the first time!!

Put your mind to it, committ 100% and you will get there :)
Thanks guys for your replies-
I have been busy drinking water in preperation for starting tomorrow- I think this forum will be a lifeline to me in terms of support and motivation-
will keep you all posted in terms of my journey- last time I was a big lurker but never really involved myself with posting but I definitely think it helps with commitment and sharing challenges etc

OFF TO THE BATH YUNA!!! great advice- I love to pamper myself so will stock up with treats/scrubs etc


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