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Countdown to wedding in November


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Good morning all.

I thought I would introduce myself as I have been lurking on Cambridge diet forum for a while now.

I have been doing Lipotrim for a while and then moved to Exante and have been successful however as my wedding looms closer, I feel I need the strictness of having someone to report to on a weekly basis, SO tonight I meet with my consultant and embark on the diet next Monday, (its my birthday this weekend so its pointless to start it any sooner so I shall continue doing Exante till Friday).

I can't wait to start as I think meeting with my counseller on a Monday evening will keep my weekends in check as this is the time where I struggle and start to 'allow' myself time off BUT as my wedding is now 6 months away tomorrow, I can't afford to have these indulgences any more.

I have been putting off trying on dresses for fear of nothing fitting me but I am going to bite the bullet and try some on in mid-June. I have lost 6 stone 8lbs so far and another 4-5 stone would make me in the healthy BMI so I hope to get this shifted by November. I'm a loose 20 now and so I hope to order my dress in a 14, - hopefully this is realistic - my aim is to be a size 12 going forward but I thought I would air on the side of caution as I figure the dress can always be taken in if needs be.

Everyone's diaries and posts are so inspirational and motivating on here so it has inspired me to do one too and hopefully it will make sure that I keep in check too!

Thanks for reading :wavey:
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SO, today is day 1 on the CD diet.

Had my birthday at the weekend and really went for it! Put on 5lbs since Friday (!) butI am not stressing about it as I knew that this weekend was the last food-eating one for 12 weeks. Over the next 12 weeks, I have a few social occasions coming up, a bbq - no need to cheat, a dinner - have already forwarned the host that I will bring my soup, weekend away - going to bite the bullet and resist the food even if it means I sit there whilst everyone eats around me. I am seeing it as a challenge/marathon that I can remain tight lipped (literally!) for 12 weeks - might even make myself a gold sticker chart so I can mark off each 100% day!

Have cleared the house out of food so there is nothing to tempt me/us (OH is going to continue to do Exante). I have to come into work this morning and there are still some birthday treats left over from Friday which are very tempting but I thought that if I committ to writing things down, it will help me to keep on the straight and narrow.

Made the choc shake up with about 350ml of water and it was a bit rank to be honest, might try less water tomorrow. Would like to try the porridge but it sounds a like a pain to make in the morning?

1/2 pint down on the water front but will guzzle loads today as am still feeling dehyrated from the weekend

Going to meet the CDC this evening so to get officially weighed and have my measurements taken. If I am honest, if I wasn't going to meet with her this evening, then I probably would've started the diet tomorrow and eased myself back into the working week after a heavy weekend by treating myself today - hence why I now need the responsibilty of having to face someone on a weekly basis to keep me in check.

Am having a tetra for lunch, have popped them into the fridge - hopefully it will be nicer than my shake this morning, fingers crossed!


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Day 2

Well I met with my CDC last night and I'm so glad I did else I would've let my weekend indulgences extend to Monday as well.
Got my measurements & weight taken and I was pleased to see that I weighed the same as i did last Monday on her scales so at least I am not starting with a gain!
Hopped on the scales this morning and 3lbs off so another 2lbs to go before I am back to my lowest.

had the spicy tomatoe soup last night and struggled to get it down. The toffee & walnut shake was quite nice this morning however.
Got a pint of water down my neck before I left for work this morning which is a good start.

Determined to stick 100% to this for the 12 weeks which will take me up to the week before my brother-in-law's 30th so hopefully I won't be far off where I want to be by then.

definetly have my head in the right place which I do believe is half the battle.


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Day 3

had the Leek & potato soup last night for dinner and it actually tasted of leek so I was pleasently surprised!

I had the cappacino for breakfast and made it with 300ml of water but it was very very sweet though I did like the flavour.

was very hungry last night and so went to bed at 9.30pm! finding the evenings hard or rather I should say that i'm finding them boring but then what does that tell you about my attitude to food......
Going to look at some bikes this evening which should fill some time up.

Got on the scales and I am another 3lb down so thats 6lb since Monday which means that I've lost the 5lb gain from the weekend plus a bonus 1lb! Just have to lose 1lb to get into the stone bracket, hopefully I will see it tomorrow if i'm lucky.

Have to be strong today as we have some Irish choc's in the office and they are my FAV plus some other biscuits too but I will remind myself that my wedding is in less than 6 months!
In the same fashion that people give up something for lent for 6 weeks, i am adopting the same attitude only for 12 weeks and I'm giving up all food, am really determined to do it and will be so proud of myself when I manage it.


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HI there - welcome to Cambridge forum.
I've only been doing CD for 2 weeks as was doing Lipotrim previously.
It sounds like you're really focused - a wedding is good motivation to lose weight; I wish I'd done it for my wedding 2 years ago.
I think a diary is a good tool too, wish I'd done one.
I make my shakes up with 400ml of water as i find they're too powdery and sweet with less, but its personal choice isn't it.
Good luck with your weigh-in this week.
wow well done or ur loss so far b4 CD, u seem to be doing fine on CD too, im starting back sat after a week break, am looking forward to the scales moving again!!

the support on here is really good and motivating and takes the time away from thinking of food lol im sure ur wedding will soon be here and at this rate ul b in ur perfect size dress!!!

good luck on ur journey to slimness!


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Day 4


Very glad to report that another 1lb gone so thats 7lbs since Monday - I am SO pleased! I'm also in the next stone bracket which has been taunting me for some time now!

Kept myself busier last night which really does help the hunger but I think my body is starting to forget the memories of my over indulgence at the weekend, thankfully!

Did watch Jamie Olivers programme and Come Dine with me - its like porn for me whilst I'm not eating, I have to get my fix even if I'm not consuming the food myself, lol.

Glad to say that I resisted the chocs in the office and thankfully they are almost gone. Next Thurs is my 4 year anniversary and we had planned to go for a meal on the bank holiday weekend but I have decided that I really want to prove to myself that I can do this 100% for 12 weeks so I will toast the occasion with a lovely, er soup!

Had the veg soup last night, not bad - I thought it had quite a 'stir-fry' taste to it. Had the mint choc this morning over some ice (makes it sound more eleborate than it was but heah!), find the shakes quite sweet but I quite like them. How small are those tetras?!!! I think it takes me 3 sips to finish one! Looking forward to trying the bars in a couple of weeks.

MrsN - so you're a Lipotrim follower previously huh? CD is a positive dream compare to the Lipotrim diet - am hoping that the peanut bar doesn't resemble anything close to the peanut flapjack on the Lipotrim diet - yuck, would rather not eat at all than consume one of those!
Why don't you start your diary now, no one says you have to do it from Day 1?

Miss H-J - thanks for your lovely message. I'm hoping by the time mid-June comes that I will have another stone off in which case I should be an 16-18 and so hopefully the dress shopping shouldn't be too traumatic - have visions of only being able to fit one leg into the sample dresses!

Stay strong ladies and catch up with you tomorrow



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Hiya mate and welcome to the forum and the plan.. you have done so well so far this week... well done

I love the Mushroom soup, it does actually taste of Mushroom which is a bonus, as I have much more of a savoury tooth than a sweet one..

The tetras are tiny, but I find them much more filling than the ordinary shakes...plus you have to drink more water when you have one so it all increases the fluid intake

Hope that you are having a good day... oh BTW the bars are lush !!!




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Day 5

Well hopped on the scales this morning and have lost another 1lb so thats 8lbs since Monday - long may it continue!

Didn't do much last night, sat in the garden till about 7pm but decided to come in when we smelt next doors bbq starting up, weekends will be hard as even if we're not doing food, you can't help smelling all the goregous bbq smells from the neighborhood BUT, this is why I have made myself see my CDC on a Monday eve so any slip ups will show so I have to be good.

Have worked out that I need to lose 3lb/week to get to 10 stone for my wedding so I think this is the 1st time that I have actually realised that its totally doo-able. There will be events inbetween such bro-in-laws 30th, hen do, sisters party but then I imagine that some weeks I will lose more than 3lbs so hopefully I should be there before the wedding.

Yet more chocs in the office today! They look quite interesting but then foreign/unknown food always does but my brain is now switched off from food so their presence isn't bothering me.

had the chicken & mushroom soup last night - felt it tasted a bit powdery and wasn't keen on the banana shake this morning though I found the banana tetra ok oddly enough. Not sure whether I should just do the shakes I like or keep the variety of the soups in the evening, I'm thinking the latter as I know boredom is the key to undoing things for me.....

Am thinking I might ask OH to get my skinny clothes (and by skinny, I mean 16's & 18's) down from the attic so I can habitually try them each weekend to see how far I'm away from them. After getting to a 16, anything lower than that is unknown territory - how exciting!

Madferret - thanks for your welcome, def looking forward to trying the bars, will enjoy chewing after 3 weeks of swallowing :)


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Good morning

How are you this morning ? Day 1 in earnest for me today - so 2 chocolate tetras are sat on my desk at work, looking at me - very enticing - NOT !!

Have a great day

hiya, glad ur doing so well on the plan, u have bars and mix a moose to look forward to!! i like to cut my bars into chunks and pick at them, from the freezer makes them more chewy too, the penut one is not the nicest i felt like i was chewin carboard and cldnt swallow it lol but the others are good.

so how much are u trying to loose?


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Day 6

Just a quick post to say that I have stayed strong today and lost another 2lbs this morning so my running total is now 10lbs. Its been very hard as I associate good weather with good food, actually food is good on any occasion!
Did try on some on my old clothes and fitted in 3 pairs of size 18 trousers which is such a nice feeling. My old clothes had been in the attic since for 2 years now, i remember being near tears putting them up there as I was so disappointed in myself for getting so large.
Tried the porridge, not too bad and then had the mushroom soup which almost made me gag so I won't be getting that again!

miss H - I want to get to 10 stone by November (or before!), well actually 9 stone 13lbs! Started my journey 18 months ago at 21 stone 9lbs so I am 1lb off losing 7 stone but i still have to keep my head strong as I'm not there yet! Can't wait to try the bars, will avoid the peanut one as it sounds like the Lipotrim one and that was inedible!

Off to buy a bike tomorrow to help fill the empty evenings

hope everyone is staying strong and wearing nose pegs to avoid smelling the bbqs!
wow 7 stone is amazing, and u seem determind so im sure u will suceed at CD quickly!!

my OH has a bike sorted from today so we will b out enjoying bike rides from next weekend!! we live by the sea so hope we can ride to the beach on sunny days instead of driving lol

im also just entering my "normal size 18" clothes again, and i say that as i have not gone to size 20, just picked big items in size 18 to get me through the fatter times, i have 2 pairs of small 18 work trousers and they are on, done up but tight, so hopefully another week, they look so much nicer than the ones i have atm as they fit me on the top of the leg, my big ones are just loose all over, so unflattering lol

hope well both be finding 18's too big in a few weeks, im looking forward to that feling as i havent bn below 18 all over since i was 16 years old ( i think)

hope u have a good day!


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Day 7

Well today has been a struggle esp with next door having a bbq and all the lovely smells wafting over so have come indoors to watch a film and thankfully, will have my mint choc shake in a mo.

Got my bike today and OH gets his on Tuesday so we can head out in the evenings and take them to the beach next weekend.

Def not going to get soups next week, find them very hard to get down so will stick to porridge & cappacino in the mornings, tetras for lunch (for now) and then shakes in the evening me thinks.

Lost another 1lb so thats 11lbs so far, can't tell you how pleased I am! I really have to remember this when I am feeling weak. Speaking of weak, I am really lethargic at the mo, not sure if its the weather or if I am just a lazy moo - will take a walk in my lunch hour tomorrow to get myself moving a bit.

Miss H - how much are you wanting to lose? Fingers crossed that we race through the 18's! I know shops sizes come up so differently but my goal is be a size 12 then at least I may be a size 10 or 14 in some shops instead of settling for 16/18's. Where are you by the coast? We're heading down to the Witterings next weekend on the south coast - can't wait!

Meet my CDC tomorrow, think her scales weigh me 1lb lighter than mine but as long as its coming off quickly, I'm not going to nit-pick over 1lb, am tempted to stop consuming water before my weigh-in tomorrow, lol



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HI there -
Sounds like you've had a fab week! You're really determined which is fantastic. How did it go with your CDC weigh-in?
Yeah Cd is like heaven compared to LT - yuk!
My CDC actually said I lost 6lbs in the first week but her scales were 3lbs heavier than the LT ones so I just adjusted it so my overall total was right then I had a very bad week last week and ate masses - a proper binge. I'm still disgusted in myself now and quite upset that I did it. I still dont know why I just know I couldn't help it. I've been 100% this week and increased my water intake to 4-5litres so hoping for a good loss tomorrow when I weigh-in. Yeah I might start a diary, think it would keep me motivated.
When are you going to look for dresses? Its such a top experience!!
Have a good week.


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Day 8

Well TOTM arrived last night, a whole 5 days early! grr! Got on the scales and have put on a 1lb so I guess that water retention for you!
Am extra proud of myself for staying 100% over the weekend esp as I normally crave chocolate and bread in the week leading up to TOTM.

SO much happier being lighter in the summer, it makes such a difference, clothes-wise. Find this weather totally exhausting though, just want to sleep but then I think its the onset of hayfever too.

Oh and I have been making myself iced coffees and they are yum! I disolve 2x sweetners and a teaspoon of coffee in about 1" of hot water, then fill with cold water and lots of ice and its really nice! I think I have become an ice-cube addict! I have them in everything now, water, shakes and now iced coffee - think its my desire to make my drinks more interesting. Oh - and I have taken a liking to straws too, gives my drinks/shakes the feel that they have been professionally made! lol

MrsN - my weigh in is straight after work and I know last week her scales were 1lb lighter than my Wii fit ones but I know it will still be a good loss even with the dreaded TOTM.
It does help to keep a diary and be honest about any failings as it helps if you need reminding about why you're doing this gruelling diet choice - I kept telling myself yesterday whilst smelling next doors bbq, that this way of life is only a temporary thing and if I cheat, then it only means that I am punishing myself for longer. Try not to let one slip turn into several days or even a week, but equally don't carry the gulit around with you.
Dress shopping in June, I hope it will be a good experience but I am dreading it initially, thankfully I am taking my mum and 2 sisters so if there are any snotty sales assistants, they will soon bring them down a peg or 2!

chat to you tomorrow!



Mad as a Hatter
Morning Red

You sound really positive these last few days - well done and keep it up...

Dress shopping - WOW.... Im sure that you will find what you want - and if they are snotty with you, then take your business elsewhere - it is one of the most important times of your life and if they can't be nice to you then they can s*d off in my eyes !!!



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Day 9

Had my weigh in last night and lost 7lbs on CDC scales. My Wii ones record a 9lbs loss and as I weigh myself in the mornings (so without any additional water inside me), I'm noting my Wii results more as I have been consistently weighing myself on these scales for over 2 years now.

Got on the scales this morning and the 1lb that I put on yesterday(!) has now shifted. My stomach feels huge due to the TOTM, its a painful one this month so I can only imagine how much water retention I must be carrying so I am not going to get hung up on what the scales say as its not a 'normal' week for me.

Decided to only have the shakes and porridge as I was beginning to dread the soups in the evening. Had the choc orange one last night but didn't like it too much. It does feel nice to have a proper breakfast though with the porridge.

Off to the coast this weekend and plan to do it 100%, I may treat myself to a Coke Zero whilst everyone else is scoffing their food but we shall see, I think I will have to sneak it into the pub as pubs only seem to serve Diet Coke. Will be doing some bike rides too and even bring the Wii with us so we can still keep an eye on our weights - thats more for my OH as he will be eating and tends to not think of the consequences until the next day, bless him.

Madferret - yes, I think my sisters will soon put any snottyness into place. I just get uncomfortable having to try things on etc and also I'm scared of being disappointed. I know that come my wedding, i will be the size I want to be and so it won't be a problem then but initially trying on the sample dresses, I really hope I fit in to something! lol

Hope everyone is keeping on track and staying strong



Mad as a Hatter
Madferret - yes, I think my sisters will soon put any snottyness into place. I just get uncomfortable having to try things on etc and also I'm scared of being disappointed. I know that come my wedding, i will be the size I want to be and so it won't be a problem then but initially trying on the sample dresses, I really hope I fit in to something! lol

Hope everyone is keeping on track and staying strong

You will look stunning - and don't get hung up on what size you end up getting - wedding dresses are not 'usual' sizing, but only you will know what it says on the label...

onwards and downwards


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I totally agree with what madfarret says - My wedding dress was ordered 2 sizes bigger than I was. I'm a pear shape so thats partly why but also the sizes are just way out - tuens out the top part had to be taken in loads anyway.
Enjoy your experience - make sure they treat you like your the only bride they've ever seen!!!!!

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