Counting down to 30


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Okay, so I went a little AWOL from here over Christmas. However I have very quickly lost the weight I gained, last WI I was 10 stone 2. I am now on the serious countdown to my 30th Birthday and I would love to have reached my target before then. So that's 16lbs to go before May 22nd.

I decided to start a new diary as it's a bit of a countdown and also new year/new start.

My husband went back to work on Tuesday so we've been back on slimming world since then, with a slight break on Friday as we went out with work friends for food and drinks. Yesterday wasn't great either, today has been fab though and to try and make up for the weekends naughtiness I am going to try and keep my syns on the lower end for the rest of this week. Next week the only plans we have so far are having a roast cooked by friends on Sunday so again I will reduce my syns throughout the rest of the week. This usually works okay for me, so fingers crossed I can start getting those lbs shifted and get back into the 9's
Hi Jenny :)

Thank you - hope you had a great Christmas, how is your little one doing?

Today has gone well, 6 syns used on a Jamaican ginger cake (will be having the same tomorrow and Wednesday too as I've opened the pack and not sure how long they'll last) and not had anything else that needs to be synned - so sticking with the low syns to make up for my not so great weekend. Hoping to maybe see 10 stone nothing on Friday for WI and then onto the 9 stones after that.

I also got back to a nice brisk morning walk with the dog as it was my first day back at work, I think having the daily walks really helped me just before Christmas. I know a walk isn't much but it all adds up.
Stuck to plan from Sunday - today with a very bad night alcohol wise on Friday and a day out in York on Saturday... hoping my goodness the rest of the week will show and I'll see a loss tomorrow, I think I should have pulled it back enough to have done so.

No major plans this weekend, just out on Sunday with our friends cooking a meal for us... it shouldn't be too bad but if I need to I will use some syns from the rest of the week. No idea what they're cooking yet so it could be good or it could be bad. Not going to worry about it though as it's only one day and one meal.

We also booked a little trip to Edinburgh for my Birthday, would be great if I were at target by then so I can be looking my best.
Weekend has gone well so far, stuck to plan yesterday and today should be fine. I'm working on some uni stuff during the day and then we're going to the cinema in the evening so really can't see me going off plan as we never buy snacks there. Tomorrow will be off plan, but I'm hoping not massively so.
We're going to a friends house for dinner, I know they're doing at least two courses but they are on weight watchers so it will be low fat things - just not slimming world. I'm planning on just having whatever they have and counting it as my syns - I know I will probably be going over but hopefully not enough to affect my losses next week.
So days have been fine, weekend I stuck to it other than our friends roast. But I feel that was healthy enough to just draw a line under it and forget it

So normal syn for the rest of this week :)

Next week we're going out for an Indian and I'm going to just have that as an off meal, as long as I keep losing if I do that I might see how a little treat meal works for me each week as we're trying to have more date nights
Hi DinoDana!

Looks like your back into it! You should easily be able to lose those 16lbs before May! :)
Looking forward to following your diary! :) xxx
^^Thank you

I'm really hoping so - I'm quite a slow loser at times but think giving myself 5 months to lose a stone is being very generous with myself. I just hope I haven't tripped myself up with the regular date nights we have planned - however it is also important to live life and enjoy the time we have :)

Husband has a parents evening tonight, so I'm going to have a slimming world meal from iceland, we have the chicken in black bean sauce and the lasagna in. I'm thinking of having the lasagna and using a HEA of cheese on top and serving with some veg.
Oooh, I haven't tried the lasagne is it nice? xxx
I heard the lasagna wasn't very nice, but I really enjoyed it - I cooked it in the oven rather than the microwave so it took a while and I topped it with my HEA of cheese half way through the cooking time. We don't have lasagna very often so maybe that's why I enjoyed it more than other people who are lasagna fiends.

Thanks guys, not feeling positive about tomorrow as I feel quite bloated and just generally bleugh - but I have been on plan so hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised. Fingers crossed anyway.
Maintained this week :( I know it's better than a gain but I'm gutted to be honest as I wanted to be losing each week (with a possible exception of star week) Also it means I'm still 10 stone, I was really hoping it was time for me to start breaking into the 9's properly.

Anyway onwards and downwards it's a brand new week so fingers crossed for an extra loss next week instead ;)
Had a lovely evening yesterday, went over my syns but a line has been drawn - if I don't lose this week we do have another meal booked for Saturday but I will reduce my syns the rest of the week - this week I'm not planning on reducing them as I think I tend to lose more when I have the higher amount, but we shall see.

We went to the Indian and I ended up having a glass of wine, we had pickle tray with poppadoms, a starter (which was mainly grilled meat) a tomato based curry with mushroom rice and half a naan bread - so not amazing, but it could have been worse. Oh yes I did have 6 forero rocher (however you spell it) too. So yes, not the best of Saturdays...
Another good week (if we don't include the Indian on Saturday but I haven't used my full syns the rest of the week and it was only one night that could have been far worse) fingers crossed for weigh in tomorrow morning, I'd like to lose considering I maintained last week and next week is star week so not much chance of a loss or a maintain for that (I always bloat)

Husband has a parents evening tonight so I'm eating the slimming world black bean sauce from Iceland
Yay it's finally Friday and what a week it has been!!!!

We have a good ''naughty'' meal planned for tonight (we try to do something that feels like a treat on a Friday haha - although saying that most of our meals do feel like a treat) so we're having chicken thighs and drumsticks which have been marinated in soy sauce and spices, we'll be having it with slimming world chips, BBQ beans and fried onions. Yummy.

Tomorrow we have the two course meal booked - that will be off plan, but the rest of the day I plan on being good and hopefully the rest of the week will make up for it too. I'm hoping if we have a starter and a main we won't be tempted by a pudding as we'll be stuffed - or if we are that we'll either just have a chocolate bar at home or share a pudding while out. We shall see anyway
So we have our meal out tonight, not sure what's on offer but going to enjoy it while also hopefully not going too crazy.

This morning I used my healthy extra's to have porridge made with milk too - which usually when I have an off plan meal I would skip, but decided not to today as we're meant to have them for the fibre and calcium. Really looking forward to a nice meal out with the husband though - just no idea what to wear now as the shoes I wanted to wear don't really suit the weather we're having (wet and miserable - bleugh)
Oooo we tried the slimming world curry sauce for lunch with chips too (we made it up like a curry actually adding onions, mushrooms and chicken) it was lovely. Will be buying more of it for quick lunches like that and will also make some from scratch for tea's sometimes as I'm sure my son would eat that with us