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couscous flavouring?

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Id like ths answer to this to as ive got some giant couscous i cant wait to try!
The stuff I make is always popular with my friends. I roast peppers and onions with garlic left in it's skin. If i'm not following SW to the letter i'll roast them with a bit of olive oil, but it works just as well without it.

Leave the veg to cool slightly, then tip the peppers and onions into the couscous (once it's been made with boiling water), and then squeeze the roasted garlic out of it's little skins, and mix into the couscous - It's delicious and has a lovely mellow flavour with the roasted garlic. A bit of lemon juice is also nice with it.


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Ok everyone at work loves my cous cous so much I have to make it for their lunch;

Cooked cous cous
2 x pepers
Red oinion
A tin of pulses I like butter beans
Tin of tuna
Lots of chopped corriander
Squeeze of lemon juice (lots actually)
Salt and pepper!

It obviously more a meal than just a side but it's lush I have on green with the tuna a HEX but add more super free and free on EE!
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I made some at lunch time and added roasted peppers, onions and garlic, a good glug of soy sauce, juice of a lime and some chili powder. Was yum!!

Trace xx


Just doing it this time
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I roast peppers and onions and garlic with soy sauce and balsamic vinegar - then do the couscous and mix it altogether - lovely jublee. and using some syns mix honey into the peppers and vinegar and garlic and onions and then the cous cous - sweet but lovely.
I have mine sweet for breakfast :D few raisins & chopped banana or frozen fruit in a bowl - couscous over top - boiling water to just above level of couscous - nuke for 3 mins - stir through mullerlite or shape zero - lovely filling brekkie that lasts me til lunch without a problem!
Obviously if you're cooking banana or fruit in the microwave with the couscous you'd have to syn-it as cooked fruit isn't syn free - sadly!
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If I'm having my couscous sweet I'll add some cordial to it. Or if savoury either stock cube or whatever seasoning i fancy, eg soy sauce, ginger & garlic or worcester sauce, garlic & chilli.

Experiement & see what you like best.
Sometimes I find myself rebelling and cooking apples or bananas to go with yoghurt - then guilt gets the better of me!
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I just use chicken stock cube and ass a bit of curry powder to it and eat it with a bit of chicken yum x
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Try lighty frying a chopped onion, pepper, garlic and a few cherry toms in a pan, add to cooked cous cous and then sprinkle a tsp of cumin over add some lemon juice 1tbs and mix up for a Moroccan twist - you could also put in some meat to make a full meal
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The roasted pepper, onion & garlic that everyone is going sounds fab! How long do you roast it for? I've never roasted garlic before.

When i do couscous i use veggie stock cube, sping onion, chick peas, fresh herbs (parsley or corriander) dried mushrooms, red peppers & lemon juice. Tasty but the peppers, onion & garlic sounds super tasty!


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I just wish they did jars of "roasted veg" flavouring.. like the powdered stuff that you get in pot noodles and instant rice and so on..
you could make your own flavoured rice / couscous / pasta / whatever then..
I roast the garlic until it's soft and squashy, usually the same time as the peppers take to roast.

Incidentally if you cut a whole bulb in half, and roast them in the oven, it makes a lovely dipping kind of thing to go with meat or SW chips, and it's all syn free and free of any processed artificial crap!

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