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Oh dear, I woke up this morning in terrible pain from cramp. All the way up my shins, calfs and in my feet.

If I get cramp, I usually eat a banana and packet of crisps for the salt and potassium, but there is no way I am blowing this diet. I am in ketosis now, and need the weight to start coming off.

I am drinking about 4litres of water a day so know it isn't dehydration.

Any ideas please?
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Im not too sure - but hopefully its maybe because you were lying funny. I'd take some painkillers and see if that helps - or go in the bath sometimes heat helps with pain like that :) hope it gets better xx


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God I hate cramp & the ache that comes after it!!
I have to say I haven't had it at all during this diet due to ALL the water I drink so that's another reason to love the diet! I'm sorry I don't have any advice but hope you are sorted soon x


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Slimline tonic is very good for leg cramp.

I have noticed if I drink too much caffeine I am more inclined to get them while SSing.

Also if my feet are cold.

Love Mini xxx


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I would second the tonic water, my sister swears by it. Hope it feels better soon.
How are you getting on otherwise, think we're both on day4? I'm in ketosis too and I feel fine, not too hungry and still feeling motivated.
I feel good too anya, still only had half a shake so far, and loads of water!!

I am not having any caffeine, because I don't drink tea or coffee, so it is just water. I will go and buy some slimline tonic today, thanks for the tip everyone!


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I have the same problem, I just searched it out and its a water imbalance that should settle soon x


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The Quinnine in the Tonic Water is what helps the cramps. I was told to drink it when I got blood clots in my legs and was suffering a lot of cramps. Hope you feel better soon hon x :)
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yeah cramp is when the water/fat cells are shifting in first few days. i had it bad on day 2/3 and cdc told me this was why, keep up with the water and paracetamol, also crampex is good. mine was only for an hr or two so didnt need to take anything afterall! hope it's better soon.


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Crampex is fine :)

If you are going to use slimline tonic water, have a small glass before you go to bed. It could bring you out of ketosis, but you'll be asleep whilst that happens and should be fine in the morning.

The cramp is caused by changes of electrolyte levels in your blood and muscles, so if it's bad, some people do better to go up a plan for a couple of days and making sure you drink enough water.

Some people need a little more salt than the diet contains, so just a little extra added each day can help too in those cases.


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:( Sadly I have had that cramp too, Im scared to strecth my legs out really far as it seems to trigger it. I had this when I was pregnant before but not other times so I dont know what the actual cause is. The calf cramps can be stopped very quickly by pulling your put upwards but it still hurts like h£ll. My sympathies .... I am glad to hear from the other ladies it just passes.

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