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What do you do when you get intense cravings? I'm not talking about the ones that pass in a day, the ones that last ages! I've been craving cereal for about a fortnight now. Not any particular kind, just cereal. I've resisted the whole time but it's getting so hard!

I know I could have 28g of something and syn it, but if I buy a box of cereal, I'll end up eating most/all of it. Anyone know of any low syn cereals?
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I am suffering cravings too, and trhe weird thing is, i want things that i wouldn't usually eat anyway. For example i fancy a handful of nuts, or a big bowl of muesli, or dried fruit like raisins etc. Now i know i could syn these but i never ate these things when not on a diet, i think its purely in my head, because i've told myself not to have them.


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Often it is worth eating whatever it is you are craving because otherwise you may keep trying alternatives, finding nothing satisifes and you have used up your syns. if you have a portion as a healthyb and then syn a further14 grams it makes quite a decent size bowl full


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Puffed Wheat is a great cereal to have a 28g bowl is loads as it is really light and i struggle to eat a whole bowl full. If you add sweetener it tastes just like sugar puffs. This may help with your cereal craving.
i have to have my cereal everyday i miss it if i don't have it like today we had no milk so i had yog and fruit it was lovely but i keep looking at the cereal.
i have to have chocolate everyday but don't think thats a craving.
i was craving beef burgers last week so i made my own soooo yummy.
i agree with rosie i think u should give into your craving cause other wise u might eat it when u aren't in control cause u denied it yourself and eat well over what u should.
i don't know if its just me but i find what u r allowed on a heb anoth for me
I've noticed that you do green days....

Why not use both HEX b's for cereal? If you are going to do that, have just ONE hex b of cereal, wait for one hour, and then have the second bowl. You might just find that the one bowl is enough, when you actually come to eat it, and just think that one hex b won't be enough.

Whatever you decide to do, ENJOY !!!!!


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I do green days, too, and I occasionally use both my HEbs for cereal....I choose 2 x 42g (84g) of All Bran with sweetner, a drop of vanilla essence, and some milk from my HEa. It's HUGE bowful, takes ages to eat, and keeps me going well past lunchtime (on days I know I wont be able to east at a normal time!)

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