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Cupcakes84's Journey to 9st

Hi cupcake - SNAP! End of my first day on SS and just made myself some apple and cinnamon porridge - not too bad lol! How are you finding it so far?
Found it ok, I've done LL before so kind of knew what to expect - I think it can be tough for the next few day as the glycogen stores are used up and I know I had some bad muzzy headaches in the past! Sorry, hope I haven't put the downers on your enthusiasm lol!!

Sounds like you're in the right state of mind at the moment - that makes such a difference :)

I find it difficult to drink the qty of water and have to keep reminding myself, but it definitely helps with the hunger!

Good luck for day 2 :) x
Hi Cupcakes, well done on getting through day 1.

I am only on my first week of CD and have 6 weeks to my holiday...unfortunately not enough to lose the amount i need to but a good motivator still.

Good luck and keep us updated :)
Day 2

I've been finding it hard this afternoon. Really want to eat something but I'm not. I'm trying to keep myself busy. I'm thinking of my holiday. I've drank 3 litres today and keep going to the toilet lol. Going to have my porridge soon don't want to have it too early. I feel really tired today; I just want to sleep.

Deej75 - How's day 2 for you?

Midnight Aquarius - Thanks. Well done on your loss. How have you found your first week? How did you keep going?

Just popping in to say hi! Ive just started (last meal was lunch!) and not looking forward to next few days but will get there!! Hope we can push through the pain barrier togeather!
Welcome In search of me and thanks for dropping in :) We can do it. Keep me posted on how you're getting on. :) I feel better now. Just read some post on the site and I feel motivated again. Just waiting for my porridge to cool down and just filling up on water.
You can do it!! I'm into week 3, honestly didn't think I'd get here! For me having a clear goal has helped and also found Laurence Browns blog Dual dynamics on you tube so inspirational.

So welcome and remember nothing tastes as good as skinny feels :)
Hi Cupcake, how have you been doing?! Almost 4 days done now - woohoo!! Quite pleased that the headaches have now eased and have been out a fair few times and resisted temptation :) we just have to take a day at a time and keep focused!! Hope day 5 goes to plan x
Thanks guys! Day 5 today. My belly keeps rumbling lol. Had a headache over the weekend; it's finally gone now. Plus i felt so tired. Trying to drink loads of water; only managed 1 litre and a half yesterday. All weekend i've been drown to cooking programs lol! Plus I cooked dinner yesterday. One down fall is smelly breath lol! I'm proud of myself for getting to day 5. I meet my cdc on Thursday so fingers crossed i'll have a gd loss. How's everyone been getting on? :)
My Day 5 has been ok, although finding cooking and making the lunchboxes quite a test!! Been pretty good on the water front although will try and get a few more glasses in before the end of the day :)

I've got my first WI on Wednesday evening, so fingers crossed it'll be worth it!
Well done for keeping it up.
I nearly caved today - just because I felt SO ill-took 1/2 day from work as felt so rubbish...managed not to but hoping this yuck feeling goes soon! Remember feeling rubbish on LL but not this bad...
Day 6

I'm feeling a lot better and I'm not thinking about food. Yay lol. I've managed to drink 3 litres today which is gd. My belly kept making noises today in work and because its so quiet everyone could hear lol. How embarassing? Lucky I can have a laugh with my work mates lol.

I haven't told everyone that I'm doing the cambridge plan; my family know and 2 of my friends. I told my work mate that I was having a shake for lunch and he said I've noticed you're not eating lol. If I told everyone I would get negative comments saying it's not good for u, etc.

Today I looked in the mirror and I've lost weight in my face. :) My belly is flatter because I used to love fizzy drinks. I can't believe I'm haven't had a fizzy drink in 6 days lol. I just checked and I'm in Ketosis.

Deej75 good luck with your WI. How have you been?

Thanks lil_legs fingers crossed I'll have a great loss. Well done on your weight loss. You've done really well.

In search of me well done on not caving in. Just think of the results. :) How have you been today?


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Yay! Bet you're feeling fab!!! I've got a new addiction to fizzy water, I LOVE it haha x
Thanks Cupcake! Had an ok day and almost finished litre 3 :)

Looking forward to weigh in but hoping for huge figures as I'm so impatient lol!! Just found my old record book from LL and I lost 9.7lbs the first week, then 5.5lbs the second, but I won't get my hopes up as was 12.7 1/2 last week and not the 17.5 I was back then lol!

Hope your WI goes well too - make sure you update us :)
Hope the wi goes well on Thurs - same day as mine this week as my cd woman is on hol but it will normally be Friday!
Hope youre doing ok though :)
Hi cupcake - lost 8 3/4lb!! Woohoo! Pleased that I've managed to stay 100% and fingers crossed for next week :)

How are you doing on Day 7?! x

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