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Cups Anyone ?

tbh just went to tescos and for 3 quid in the cooking utensil section they sell metal size cups all joined togeter so you get 1/4 1/3 /1/2 and 1 cup for the cash
The US cup measure is quite large, I always used a standard UK coffee mug Kally.
I grew up in Canada with cups/tbsp/whatnot, and I find it terribly hard to convert to cooking by weight! Cups seems so much easier (sorry!)

Jim's idea to use a big coffee mug is perfect (and cheap!)
Our local poundland do the measuring cups and spoons all together and I find them really simple to use. Faffed about measuring weights before I got them then got fed up. :D


On a mission for boobs!
In case you're wondering my cups are DD's!
lmao!!! I wish mine were that big, hell even a D cup would suit me.

Hey, maybe we should all club together and donate money to buy me bigger cups?! hahaha!!!x
wont even say anything just make my way to the naughty step with a sly grin on my face


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LOL you're all very naughty - thank goodness! :D:D:D
Got my cups today in a big Tesco £3.50. So excited, just need something to fill them with now. Food wise that is before you lot start!! Don't you dare move from that bench ;)

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