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curly Diary

4 Jan 2011

Going for a green day.

350 ml skimmed milk (he a)
2 weetabix (he b)
1 banana
2 pears
1 Apple
2 satsuma
Jacket spud
Cottage cheese
Peas and sweetcorn
1 custard cream (3 syns)
home made cottage pie - lean mince (he b), carrots, peas, onion, mushrooms, potatoes and 1 oxo cube.
2 tablespoons of brown sauce (2 syns)

5 syns total for the day.
55 minutes done in the gym burnt off 525 calories.

Day one gone well - hope I can keep it up
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5th January 2011

Green Day

350 skimmed milk (he a)
6 crispbreads (he b)
4 cheese triangles (he a)
jacket Spud with cottage cheese and mixed veg
2 pears and 2 satsuma's
2 custard creams (6 syns)
jacket spud, beans, Chicken breast (he a)

6 syns total for the day
55 mins done in the gym - 500 cals gone!
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6 January 2011

Gonna have another green day

350 ml skimmed milk (he a)
6 crackerbread (he b)
4 cheese triangles (he a)
Chicken mugshot
Pear, 2 satsuma's, Apple, grapes
Fish (he b) jacket spud, mixed veg
Grapes and vanilla ff yog.
3 custard creams (9 syns)
toffee ff yog

Not been the gym today- having a day off.
9 syns used today
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7 January 2011

Not sure what day today yet.

Gonna be a green one again.

350 ml skimmed milk (he a)
6 crackerbread (he b) 4 cheese triangles (he a) banana
Chicken mugshot, pear, 2 satsumas
banana, satsuma
1 quality street (2.5 syns)
4 vodka's and diet lemonade (my own measures) (4 x 4syns = 16 syns)
SW chicken curry chicken (he b) onions, mushrooms, tinned toms, spices, peppers, rice.
2 more custard creams (6 syns)....I need to go to bed before I eat anymore !

24.5 syns for the day.:(
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Well yesterday was a disaster!
8th January 2011


2 weetabix (he b)
350 ml milk (he a)

no dinner

SW chicken curry chicken (he b) onions, mushrooms, tinned toms, spices, peppers, Jacket spud, oven chips (about 15 syns)

5 vodka (5 x 4 syns = 20 ish syns)
4 mini muffins (about 20 syns)

to be honest I have guessed on how many syns their were but as you can see I had a rubbish day!!!

55 Total syns

Its official, I am greedy c*w that doesn't know when to stop!!!:cry:
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9th January 2011

Gonna be good today and get my head in gear! Alcohol is evil and causes you to eat!!!!:banghead:

Green Day

350 ml milk (he a)
2 shredded wheat (he b) and pear & 2 satsumas
Potato and leek soup

Spaghetti bolognase, mince (he b), pasta , cheese (he a)
Grapes, yogurt.

0 syns for the day:D
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10 January 2011

Green day again.

350 ml skimmed milk (he a)
6 crackerbread (he b) cheese triangles (he a) banana.
bowl of Potato and Leek sw soup, apple, pear, ff yogurt
2 satsuma's
bowl of Potato and leek sw soup
Spaghetti bolognese, mince (he b), pasta
Grapes and ff yogurt

No syns used today.
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11 January 2011

Don't know how today's gonna go cause I'm on a course. Planning on going the gym tonight.

Green Day

350 ml milk (he a)
6 crackerbread (he b)
Cheese triangles (he a)
Couple of curly fries, 2 chicken wraps unsure of syns would rest on 10.
2 eggs
Jacket potato and cottage cheese
2 chicken drummers (HE b)
grapes and ff yogurt

0 syns used
560 calories burnt at the gym
lost 2 lb at wi
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12 January 2011

Green Day

350 ml skimmed milk (HE a)
Cheese Triangles (HE a)
6 Crackerbread (HE b)
Potato and Leek Soup
ff yogurt
apple, pear
Banana, pear

Shepherds pie beef mince (he b) and veg.
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17 January

Extra easy

350 ml skimmed milk (he a)
Banana, grapes, ww yoghut, orange.
Super noodles
Ww yogurt, pear
Chicken, spuds veg
Orange, pear, Ww yogurt.
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18 January

Grapes, banana, Ww yogurt
350 ml slimmed milk (he a)
Super noodles, apple, pear
Spag bol,
3 choc digestive, 1 French fancy. Uh oh!
2 alpen light (he b)

Not sure of syns.
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19 January

Green day

6 crispbread (he b) cheese triangles (he a)
350 ml milk (he a)
Super noodles, Orange, pear, Ww yogurt
Spaghetti bolognase mince (he b)
Ww yog
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20 January

Extra easy

Banana, kiwi, pear, ff yog

350 milk (he a)
Jacket, cottage cheese veg, yog
Chicken omelette spider, coleslaw
3 large vodka 15 syns
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