Curly Kale


Yo-yo dieter here for the gazillionth time
Hi guys (you can tell it's my last day at work today!!).

What the hell do I do with this stuff?? A woman at work gave me a whole Tescos bag full of it from her garden and I'm trying to like veg!!
Hi Jubbly

You eat it like cabbage, I have also put it is soups and stews but it stays quite hard doesn't disintegrate.

You can also juice with it. We used to have Kale and apple juice really good for you but you need a juicer.

If you like cabbage you'll be OK I love it!

Dizzy x
That is rather a large quantity. Finding some rabbits would save it from the compost heap!

Dizzy x
Yummy :)

Cook it like spinach. A little water, or soy sauce is nice (if you are allowed...probably not if it's a part of Cambridge?) Actually I do it in a bit of butter :eek:

Also you can add some garlic.

Just a few minutes in the saucepan until tender. It'll go right down and not look so much after you've cooked it.

I often add it to mashed potatoes after it's cooked. Definitely not when I was on CD though.
Kale is good in Irish recipes like colcannon (sort of mashed potatoes with leek and kale or cabbage), and bacon and kale. Not really diet stuff though - more filling peasant food.