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Currently on cambridge diet.... is exante the same?


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Same results, just less flavours to choose from. I'd stock up on some CD water flavouring though, as the Exante one works out more expensive and contains far too much carbohydrate.

I think you'll find the support here better than a counsellor, especially if yours isn't that good anyway.

Join us. :D


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I was on Cambridge before and exante is so much cheaper. Only thing I miss about CD is the ready made shakes as they were really handy x


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Did CD before. Swap over and save your money for fabulous things. The losses are the same. x


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I did Cambridge for 5 months and had fab results on it. I had 2 councillors and both were crap! It was money making only for them both and they werent good inspiration as both were overweight (Im being polite here :D). After trying all the shakes/soups/bars, I found I only liked 2 soups and the choc mint shake (hot) and most of the bars. But I did really well on it. Sadly, through stress and work issues, I've put about 2 stone back on (my fault, I control what I put in my mouth), resorted back to this forum and have started on Exante. I bought the month's supply, and have dreaded everything that I've had to try and have been amazed at how much I like the soups and shakes. What I dont really like are the bars. They are quite powdery for me and the nut one I really dont like as I dont like nuts and this is overpowering but I'll persevere because I wont waste them ;) I do miss the CD bars a lot but have been made aware on here of BL bars so if I really cant tolerate the bars, I'll look for the BL bars.
I'm looking forward to weightloss and am not missing having a councillor as there are LOTS on here ;) The support is great for those who need it. I like the fact I can set goals and targets and watch the weight drop off again.
Good luck and I'd say go for it. :D
Hi sophielily I changed to exante on wednesday purely because it's cheaper I was doing ss+ so I'm going to stick to the list off food i was allowed on cambridge I will miss my CDC because she was lovely but this site helps enormously more than my CDC the nut and raisin bar is lovely not tried the choc orange yet the shakes are not as sweet as Cambridge but alot off people put sweeteners in them if they've got a sweet tooth the only soup ive tried is the tomato and basil and that was lovely as well I'd go for it if I was you with the money you save every month you can save it up and buy a new wardrobe when you get to your target :) x


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Thanks everyone!! I am seriously considering it..... Its cheaper & to be fair i am doing the diet on my own anyway,
So if its cheaper thats a bonus|!
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sophielilly.. defo come over to exante :p the dark side lol! the forum is AMAZING.. and you will learn alot and always have someone to talk to !



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Im just considering eating a boiled egg or not lol im on ss on cambridge... U can have them on ss+ but not ss.. lol
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lol strange i wanted the exact same thing eariler this week :| now i crave for ...brocolli! :| strange i know.. lol x


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I like it....

However sadly tonight I am mostly craving wine!!? Haha


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Im craving chicken with plenty of hot chilli sauce mmmmm