Curse Of The Anti Cheerleaders


Wants to shed pounds more
Why oh why do loved ones and even well-meaning comparative strangers tend to gang up on you on the same day? Mostly people have been completely supportive and complimentary - now I get 'oooh you're losing it too quickly' (strange - I dont remember you having an opinion when I was eating my way UP to the weight I was) or 'oooh you're looking so tired/pale/lined - you sure you arent over doing the diet' (I have extra work actually and a cr4p sleep pattern - NOT diet related. Will they accept that? Oh no).

I have got the 'oooh its bad for your kidneys/liver/heart' when they didnt say anything when I was porking back cakes/bix etc. Then I got 'The Lecture.' From hubby this time. 'You are losing it too fast. You will have to have a vast fat/flab removal op if you arent careful - if you lose it more slowly the skin will go back a lot better' (Actually the skins doing just fine NOW).

Anybody else get this? It can be a struggle on this as it is - yet here I am feeling more flak than actually any pangs I have on the diet itself.

Hmmm rant over and thanks in advance for any reply :)
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Hey there!

I know what you mean! i hate it when people cant just shut up! i mean if you cant support or encourage someone why should you discourage them?? all week ive had my friends say oh some salad wont hurt! some chicken wont hurt!
How can you offer an alcoholic a glass of wine???? but they dont get the point, so ive decided not to ever talk about my diet to anyone!
the best one was from my hubby, he said some ppl just have broad bones and their bones weigh was refering to me...i weigh 14 stone! honestly that cant all be bone weight???


*feeling better*


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never mind darling, you know my take on things, no one commented when I was main lining on wotsits, but say no to a cream cake? I must be depriving myself. Mmmmm, I am surprised at your dear heart's comments, thought he was being supportive. Just say dear heart that isnt helping and don't fret. I had a complete stranger argue with me 2 weeks ago at a training day, she was very snotty about diets in general/whilst jamming a danish pastry in her fizzhog!

Take care sis, you know all the sh1t often comes together.


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fizzhog....LOL I like that..;)


Wants to shed pounds more
LOL hog being the operative word. I suppose the thing is, they are all really seriously nice ppl - not the type at all to TRY to sabotage but telling me I'm gonna sag/bag/drag etc is irritating. Hubby is usually VERY good so I DID take that to heart abit. LOL - at 16st, I am not exactly a 'war on want' victim, am I? :)