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Nope not the sort with a chain & wheels, I was talking about the period type.

Did anyone else find the xen and/or massive change in food eaten messed their periods up.

I normally have a 28-30 day cycle yet here I am on day 34 & it's still not arrived. And no I'm definitely not pregnant!!!

I've had pmt for about 10 days now which is starting to get me down & I know chances are I won't have lost any weight this weeks weigh in as I'm really bloated....
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Thinking about it, yes, it has either had an effect or is a big coincidence. My cycle used to be about 34 days give or take a day but it's been more like 36-38 days in the last few months. The first month I was 7 days late from when I expected it to be (I named them the 7 days of oh holy f**k) and its been a longer cycle generally.

I can't understand how xenical could affect this but I am wondering if it indeed does!

Boo hiss @ PMT. If you think bloating might be an issue, you could weigh in the week after and see what you've lost in a fortnight rather than a week. It'll probably be a truer weigh in and will avoid you getting disheartened if TOTM makes it look like you havent lost this week.

I don't think it has effected my cycles.. I track them with an app.. I do get salty cravings about 10 days before I am due.. Plus loose my taste buds, every thing needs salt and chilli lol

I tend to try drink more water when I am due.. I also take green tea tablets

Plus the aloe Vera juice.. Which makes a big difference to my bloating :)
Iv not noticed my cycles being different with xen am due on atm n craving carbs all the time grrrrr

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