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Dad in hospital - have to eat

Hi all.
My dad has to go to London tomorrow for emergency heart bypass..all happened very quickly. I'm going too to support him and my mum.
CDC has advised me to forget the diet for the week and just eat sensibly, for my sanity as much as for the fact that there will be no kettle, microwave etc in the accommodation.
I'm scared that I'll just go mad and eat everything in sight (my usual response to anything emotional) and undo all my good work.
I tried eating today as a practice and put all my CD packs away, had scrambled egg and have felt sick ever since.

Am I selfish, worrying about my daft weightloss?
I've managed to do it this week while dad's been waiting to go. I'm worried about my dad and also about leaving hubby and little boy at home for a week too - 2 hours away from me.

Sorry for the downer....
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Sounds like a tough time, so sorry to hear it and I hope your dad will be fine!

I don't quite follow why you "have to eat". What were her reasons for saying so? Plenty of people go through stressful situations and keep the the SS. No kettle and microwave? You can always use a shaker and have cold shakes for the week, right?

Not my call but I can totally see the danger of emotionally eating at a time like this... if it were me I would stick to it.

Good luck with everything!

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OK, in my opinion, you need one less thing to think about, I would stop doing the CDing for the week, give yourself the space you need to focus on your Dad and your family, yes you may over eat, but then stress may cause you not to eat as well. Try and look after yourself and remember that we are all here to support you. If the thought of stoping CD for a week is too much, take your stuff with you, do it was much as you can but if you are unable to do a cd meal have something sensible.

and big hugs (())


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Very sorry to hear about your Dad Red Mich as I know this must be a very worrying time for you.:hug99:

Work up the CD steps to a level you are comfortable with and when you are ready once again to do SSing you can work your way back down the steps into it.

That is one of the great things about CD is that it is so flexible.

I hope everything goes well for your Dad next week.

Love Mini xxx


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Hi hon,

You're not selfish at all thinking about your weightloss too. As said before you can still stick to CD if you want to. You could also buy tetra's / bars so you won't have to make too much shakes there.

If you decide to eat, eating low carb foods might be the best choice (depending on what you want of course.) so you won't have to spend x days getting back into ketosis after. You have to take care of yourself though! If you're worried about falling off the wagon big time coz of all the emotions, maybe try sticking to SS / low carb?

Good luck and I hope your dad;s surgery goes well and he recovers well!!!!!


So sorry to hear about your dads health. I hope it all goes exceptionally well.

Please don;t feel selfish. Your health is as important as your dads, so being concerned about your diet is allowed. ;)

Try not to worry too much about something that may not hapen: going mad with food. It may not happen, so no need to worry too much now. Use that energy to reinforce what you are doing - a temporary measure to deal with a stressful family emergency. That is not license to go mad, and going mad won;t help you in the long run.
But - if you do - then just deal with it when all calms down a bit.

You have a lot to cope with - so just ook after tourself while you look after others as well. DOn;t forget about you.

All the best.


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this is such a shame as you've been doing so well.

Are you not able to cope with bars and tetra shakes? Even if you had a small meal if you need it it'd keep you away from eating whatever you like and keep CD in your mind.

Whatever you decide I hope you manage to come back to CD and continue with your weight loss - you are a third of the way to goal after all.

Life has a habit of throwing us curve balls now and then and we have to learn to deal with them without food to prop us up if we have hope of maintaining.

Really hope your dad is ok through is op and recovers well. My aunt had a bypass a few years ago now.

thank you

Thank you all for your support and kind words as well as your advice.

I suppose I'm an all or nothing person at heart, that's why I couldn't imagine doing half and half but that sounds good. I'll try to get to my CDC and get some tetras and bars and then I'll only have to worry about dinner with my mum and if we're eating out I can still be sensible and it'll give me some control.
Thanks again... I'm sure things will be fine x


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Hi Red Mich :D
The same thing happened to me and was the reason I gave Cambridge a break for a while.(Plus as I don't drive my dad used to take me to my CDC who lived an hour away in the stix) My dad had a massive heart attack one night, luckily I was there and we got an ambulance ASAP but the last thing I was thinking about when he was in the resuscitation room or when he was having an operation was a poxy diet. It's very stressful and if you can eat sensibly you won't put weight back on, I never thought "oh no I can't do the diet!". I know others won't agree with me:rolleyes: but in times of crisis it's perfectly OK to stuff the diet for a week. Everyone is different so do what you think is best. At the end of the day what’s more important to you? It really isn't the end of the world and there's nothing to feel guilty or selfish about whether you stay on the diet or not. :)


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I just wanted to say that I hope everything goes well with you Father's operation and you should do what you feel you need to so that you can be there for him.

Best wishes.


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Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery for your dad :)
Bl***y snow

Dad can't get to London because of the snow. The ambulance won't come down so we've been postponed til Monday. Poor thing, he's going dotty on the ward with boredom and it can't be good getting all psyched up and then having to wait and wait.
Oh well, for the first time in my life i'm hoping the snow melts dead quick!

Thanks again for all your words of support x

Purple Hugs

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sorry to read your news, and also hope the snow melts this weekend for you and your dad.


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Oh hugs (((_))) praying for the big thaw for you.
Hi Red,
i hope you dont mind me posting my advice.
Back in September my dad became really ill (there is a thread about it somewhere on here....) ...i was due to start the diet and thought 'why postpone it for an unknown amount of time' and so i started SS+. Doing the diet took my mind off how poorly my dad was, made me feel good when i had a weight loss and actally helped because while i was rushing around here there and everywhere to hospitals i didnt have to think about what i was eating (usually it would have been ready made sandwiches or other quick and easy meals and snacks).
I didnt suffer from hunger pangs while on SS+ so when i had time i would eat a bar or have a tetra (especially choc tetra in a big mug topped up with boiling water...mmmm).
Dad went from bad to worse and it was the most harrowing and difficult time of my life, but i SS+'d right through dad's illness, death and his funeral. For me i felt that while i was dieting i was at least in control of something. And i know dad would have been proud of me.

If you are 'in the zone' and dieting well now, keep on going as its so hard to get back on the wagon if you fall off.
I know i havent explained myself very well and its up to you what you do regarding dieting (and how you feel) but i just wanted to share my experience with you.

I hope everything works out well for your dad. Im sure everything will be fine. Doctors did wonders for my dad who had a heart transplant 9 years ago, and my step dad who had a triple heart by-pass about 2 years ago. Have faith ,be strong and i'll be thinking of you xxx
Just wanted to wish your dad a speedy recovery. My dad had the same operation 3 years ago and he has been fighting fit ever since - fully reconditioned ! Just try not to use this as an excuse to eat because it would be a shame to undo some of the good you've done so far - just try and make sensible choices. Thinking of you all and wishing you well.



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Hope the snow situation is getting better and your dads ok. It will all be ok, they worked wonders with my dad. Stay strong:)X
So sorry to hear about your dad and I pray he has speedy recovery. My opinion would be to do one of the other levels on the diet as this is going to be a very emotional and worrying week for ya and I wouldn't like to see your hard work losing out either. Take a shaker with you or opt for the tetra shakes instead so you dont have make up your own. Take care

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Keeley - have rep'd you and sending big hugs.

Red - hope things have improved weather wise.. and your dad is coping with the delay. Thinking of you.

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