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Daily Food Diary

Thought I'd do this to a) keep myself on track and b) let other people know what you can eat.

I'll also do a recipe thread and put things on as and when I cook them :D

Breakfast: Veggie omelette, with some light mozarella and italian herbs. Glass of vegetable (V8) juice.

Snack: Pistachios, about 20-30g

Lunch: Creamy chicken florentine soup, followed by maple and almond flan

Dinner: Shepherds Pie
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Breakfast: Ham, tomato and mozarella omelette, glass of V8

Snack: 3 thin slices of deli roast beef

Lunch: Low fat caesar salad, prawn cocktail

Snack: Rest of Creamy Chicken Florentine Soup

Dinner: Fish in creamy herb sauce with roasted leeks, peppers and green beans. Maple Almond Flan
Completely erratic day today because I had to get up early and then do 2 interviews and was in office on my own, so been busy. Forgot to make something to take for lunch.

Ham and cheese omelette, V8 juice

Lots of nuts (that will cover my snack this afternoon as well!!!)

Dinner (didn't eat till 4pm :eek: thankfully still no appetite, so was fine)
Ham and cheese omelette again - who'd have thought I'd want more eggs :D Must vary it up here!!!

Won't have an afternoon snack, as late now anyway and not long since the omelette. We eat dinner at 7:30 when BF gets in, so a long day usually.

Rest of shepherd's pie.
Cannot be bothered to make a desert, so will have to make some things this weekend.
Onion and mozarella omelette, 2 glasses V8 (felt I needed more veggies)


Chicken florentine soup followed by
Curried chicken

Muffin in a minute - carrot cake
2 hard boiled eggs

No hungry so didn't have any dinner - just another glass of V8 juice and a slice of ham.

Feeling a bit tired today and remembering that I'd normally reach for the phone and call a pizza. No physical cravings, but slight head cravings. However, the muffin satisfied my urges!
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Ham, onion and cheddar omelette, V8 juice

Carrot cake

Creamy chicken florentine soup
Muffin with cream cheese topping

Omelette with onion, tomato and mozarella

Chocolate orange mousse

Fish pie


Plod, plod, plod.....
Hi Liz, I'm still snooping! Which book have you got? I'd like to read about his diet, do you know how it differs from Atkins? Have you seen any weight loss yet?
Hey Bess. It's South Beach Diet Supercharged by Arthur Agatston. No idea about weight loss as yet because I've taken my scales to my Parents for 2 weeks, so I was able to give it a fair go without weighing. I know if I don't lose quickly enough I assume the diet isn't working and give up otherwise.

So I'll find out on Sunday which will be 2 weeks on the diet. It differs from Atkins (I think) in that you're not restricted on the amount of veg that you can have (with the exception of overly carb heavy things like potatoes). So you can have lots of mushrooms for example. Additionally, with SBD you have to have low fat version of dairy, whereas I think with Atkins full fat is fine.

I know I'm an anomoly but I lost nothing on Atkins and tried it twice following it to the letter. So I thought I'd try this. For me the best thing has been the lack of cravings and the level mood (apart from today, which I won't go into here!)

Hope that helps xxx


Plod, plod, plod.....
Thanks Liz, it does help. I did some research and found out more about it. I'll be interested to see what your weight loss is - do tell us. Even just a little bit would be good. Like you I followed Atkins to the letter and it didn't work for me.
Sorry you don't feel so bright today. Hope things inprove soon. xx
You're doing great Liz!

I seem to remember that you can have lentils and pulses on SB as well so that's different from Atkins. Also, once the first 2 weeks are over you start introducing carbs slowly and so it's not really a low carb diet as such - it's more of a controlled carb diet.

I'm going to get my SB book out tonight and check the recipes as what you are eating sounds scrummy! I'm off diets for the next 12 weeks as I'm working my way through the Shrink Yourself book, but that shouldn't stop me eating healthily! Quite the opposite in fact.
Protein drink - was late!

30g pistachios

2 slices beef and a nakd bar (can now have fruit!)

2 hard boiled eggs with wafer thin ham

Distinct lack of veggies today, so might make veggie curry for dinner with lentils instead of rice, although I can add some rice in now.
Here's mine! Actually I followed this one from Jessica Alba :D


  • 1 cup oatmeal with berries with 3-4 scrambled egg whites when working on the film set.

  • Salad with 170 gms (6 ounces) of chicken breast or fish (salmon, tuna)

  • Sashimi or or 170 gms (6 ounces) of petit filet of beef or other lean protein with unlimited veggies and 3 small red potatoes

  • Handful of almonds or hot air popped popcorn
Sounds nice and tasty! Is that you on the film set or Jessica Alba :O

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