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Hi everyone. Now I'm most certainly the wrong person to be opening up this thread as my dieting history is coloured to say the least- coloured with failure. However, I've been doing a lot of thinking about why I'm fat. It is because I am obsessed with food. So I reckon I need to find ways to rectify my thinking as it's as much psychological as it is physical I'm sure. I've, therefore, been doing a lot of reading; literature from Overeaters' Anonymous and from Martha Beck who is the pioneer in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for weightloss. (a highly successful form of therapy for other disorders which focuses on changing your thinking in order to change your behaviour.

Anyway, in light of all this, I am going to commit to posting a tip or thought every day from these teachings. I would love it if people would comment on them too. Also Icemoose really knows stuff and I recommend you look him up.

As I said I've a cheek as I'm no expert but I'm a reader.

If people think this is a good idea, please let me know. Love Broxi xxx
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Excited about the new me!
I think CBT is good for most behaviours and over eating is just that isn't it! Its a way of life! So, loosing weight has to become that too, but feeling it in the mind set, is essential I think. I keep thinking of when I fall off the CD wagon how stupid I have been, but the best thing is to get straight back on it. Of course to acknowledge the downfall, but make that your strength. I have my targets in mind, and I think thats my tip of the day.. If you haven't set a target, then its good to do that! xx
Act like you're thin already!

Too often we hide away and don't get involved in life very much. We wear ugly baggy, cheap clothes and don't bother about our appearance as we think we're ugly anyway. I had a boss who was fatter than me and she was beautiful. She wore beautiful clothes, always had a manicure, hair trendy and gorgeous makeup. At nights out she was the first up on the dance floor, enjoying life. Enjoy life now on your journey to being slim. Start visualising yourself thin and imagine that is how you are now and go for it! Buy nice clothes, get a trendy haircut and take part in all that life has to offer!
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Hi Broxi - this is a great post........... I think it will give me something to think about other than my cravings!! lol.

Ummmm - I think I might book myself in for a facial next weekend!!

I will think about this one for a while, and come back.
Thanks Lady B x


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Great post Broxi :)
Do you have the full names and/ or authors of those books you mentioned please?And is one better than the other?


Excited about the new me!
My tip.. I think we should celebrate our success. Yes, Broxi, get a nice hair cut, get a manicure.. But think of it as small targets, ie.. after i've lost a stone.. I deserve that hair cut! Pampering is a good way to feel good, we are trying to teach ourselfs not to think that food is a treat anymore, so a pamper day or doing something to make you feel good, is surely a treasured treat. x


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Me too! Thanks Broxi - going to have an online search about the author you mentioned. xx
Hi folks, the OA books are written by guess who- Anonymous! But you can find them on Amazon - Take It Off an Keep It Off, From the First Bite and 12 Steps for Overeaters. Martha Beck's "The Beck Diet Solution" and Stephen Arterburn "Lose it for Life". There are lots more out there. Paul McKenna is good. I don't know how much they necessarily aply to CD as there is talk of food but they are helping me to understand my eating obsessions and that's what I really need to stay slim once I reach my target. (which is still a long way off) But I think it's important to get our heads right. I'm probably older than a lot of people (46) so know that there is no guarantee to stay thin when you reach target. (I'm being depressing but I don't realy know many ppl who have managed it) That's why I think it's really important that we all change how we think about food for life!


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I love it! Please keep the CBT tips coming. Overeating *is* an addiction and I will be reading up on CBT following your post. Thanks Broxi!
Thanks for your response but just to let you know I'm no expert but I'll post something everyday and we can have a natter about it. x
Thanks again Broxi! x
What a great idea well done Broxi x
Hi folks, what a great thread. In OA I have come to believe food is an addiction and an illness/condition/disease whatever term you want to use. If I were a 'normal eater' then I wouldn't have gotten so fat in the first place and if food wasn't a problem I'd have gotten my diabetes under control as soon as I was diagnosed 6 years ago. I have a mental obsession with food.

I have to find other ways of dealing with my emotions rather than comfort eating, lol I have to laugh at the term comfort...there's nothing comfortable about eating til you feel bloated, sick and ashamed!:eek:

I have quite a lot of OA lit, are you in a group, Broxi or just read the books?
That's a great one too Serena and let's face it you are the living proof you skinny little thing!

No Lyn I'm not in OA but I am just reading the books. In some ways I think it might be a bit extreme but probably I'm just in denial about the extent of my problem! I know I definitely have a food obsession and it never has had its proper place in my life. I think this forum is a bit like a group would be though, what do you think? As I say I'm no expert - just a woman who has been fat most of her life trying to sort it out and help others do it in the process.
I think this forum is a bit like a group would be though, what do you think? As I say I'm no expert - just a woman who has been fat most of her life trying to sort it out and help others do it in the process.
haha you saved me typing as I was about to say just that. It's so good to be able to chat to people who really understand, isn't it? :)


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Act like you're thin already!
I love this one, and I sometimes take the time to "study" slim people :D.

In the passed I definitely thought "they are slim, they have it easy, then can eat whatever, whenever and how much the want, and I am JEALOUS". Haha, I realized now that they don't do all these things, the don't have the same eating pattern as I do. Yes, they might take a dessert, and then enjoy it, while I might have taken a healthy meal, and then returning home to binge on something not so healthy.

Well, I am learning this one too. Thanks for the thread Broxi! Great way to discuss the thoughts around our eating pattern!
I like the Over eaters Anon mantra of "301" three meals a day, nothing inbetween, one day at a time, (obviously swap meals for shakes soup) etc . Also the prefix "Just for today" ie 'Just for today I will be 100% CD SS. It reminds me my success is in the here and now.....sometimes in the minute to minute. Yesterdays diet history is gone......I am no longer putting off change untill tomorrow..it is what I do right now that makes the changes. One last important OA mantra.........'You are not alone' which is why this forum is so precious ......just log on and there are wonderful people that understand and share their story. Thanks everyone

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