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damn education!!!!!

i used to think uni was so much fun and couldnt wait to come to uni and now i see the reality of it:

u stay awake till 6am finishing an essay, then wake up at 7 to get ready for uni. have lectures till 4. and then it takes 2.5 hours to get back home instead of 20 minutes - cos the trains were cancelled!!!!

*is not an ice cube*
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One last chance
Damn...that sounds so sucky! I thought Uni was fun, well, worth going and stuff.

Lectures are that long?.......That...sucks.
i stayed awake all night to do my law essay and then went to a law lecture. i had two lectures. theyre about 3 hours each with a gap in the middle!

and all i wanted to do was come home and eat summat yummy :(


One last chance
GOD DAMN! I cannot sit down in the same place for more than 1 hour without getting extremely uncomfy. Aww yeah, I know that feeling. You just want to have something to eat. But don't worry, after a few weeks, you'll actually start wanting to have the shakes. That's how I am when I come back home form college. All I hear in my mind is

i wish i got the stage where i wanted a shake when i get home! cant picture myself in a few weeks time! :s i dont have a problem with lectures. its the sitting at the train station for hours on end!
God i hate public transport!! I really feel for you. Used to be the same for me when i was at college xx
Just think after ya will be finished ya will be rearing to go back in so just enjoy it while ya can and think of all the benefits of being a student!!
I second and third that! Uni was the best days of my life, maybe because i was doing media studies, less work than law though! I'd love to be back there!!
i miss my uni days - the second you start full time work life as you know it is over! You have much more free time.

i wouldn't want to go back to the work side of uni.....however the social side was great :D

i feel your pain re public transport - i live in london and have to deal with its lameness every single day...sigh
mark, i did mine in English Language and Lit.. which meant a zillion books and a zillion essays!.. but lets face it we always had time to party! heheh.. even when we had an essay to hand in in the morning. tbh the thing i miss most about uni is living with my lovely friends!... i'd go back just to live with them again.
haha, I know how your feeling - apart from the staying up till 6am :eek: - touch wood, I wont have an essay like that till the 2nd year :p

and yes public transport is a b*****d...specially when theres kids screaming and people telling you to turn your mp3 player down, and not saying anything to the 13year old kids jumping everywhere...*sigh*

the only good thing about uni is probably the SU Bar...and the student nights + discounts :p

which uni are you at btw?
im at the uni of leeds :) u?

all my books were tiny till i got to the bloomin law module - then i was carrying bloody encyclopedias home!!! pffft
im at Hull University (Scarborough campus) was gonna go the the Uni of Leeds, but decided on something a bit more close to home ^^

haha, yeah, first book I had to buy was a little A5 journal style thing....then it moved up to a 800page A4 book.
heheheh! i didnt buy any books :D theres an extra special feeling abt returning books once u've finished ur asignment - which u wont get if the books r still there glaring at u! (and vice versa im sure)

what do u study?
hmmm, never thought of that...wasted like £125 on books ¬_¬, to be fair though...the library is pretty bad :p

im studying Design for Digital media - its shockingly boring...dont actually start on the decent stuff till later on this year ^^

when did you start your course?
wow. i wudnt be able to sleep after "wasting" that much money on books heehee. our libraries quite bad but if u be a nerd and go there 1st then u can get pretty good ones :)

do u get to make computer games?
haha, yeah im kinda nerdy... i tend to be the first to lecures...that just to get to the back though (SLEEP TIME YAY)

nah, the course is prettymuch based around designing websites/adverts/movies & music - the main reason I picked the course was because I wanna get into the advertising buisness, make mighty money :D

what course are you doing, is it solely law or law & business?
ahh i see :D yeh marketing is good money :) we did a marketing module in business studies in college and now every time i watch an advert i can spot exactly how theyre trying to fool u into believing sumthing thats not entirely true! (or true at all for that matter) lol!

i study social work actually :) law is an important part of it obviously :)

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