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Dana's Diary

hi and welcome . Hope to get to know you better soon


Goat herder(ess)
Hi, Dana. Nice to meet you.

It would be great if you could fill in your stats - height, current weight, goal weight - in your details, and even better if you'd like to start a diary and post your daily menus. That way, we can give you as much help and support as poss.

Have you just started on Dukan or been doing it for a while?

Good luck! :)


grammar police
welcome to the forum Dana, definitely fill in your user CP details, and join us posing your daily menus in the menu thread too. It's a bit quiet on here on a weekend but there'll be more going on tomorrow :)
Thank you. Yes I will, once I have the 50 posts required. Just wondering how everyone uses their aot bran allowance - what do you do with it?


grammar police
I tend to stick to sweet galettes for my oatbran as they're convenient for me but you can make muffins and bread and all sorts with it. Have a look around on the recipes section
Thanks. Have updated details - not sure about target loss so have just put in what I would love to be. I am not sure what my official ideal weight is but two stone seems a good target to me. Will have a look for that Gallette recipe.


grammar police
Have you got the book? It's quite important to have it on hand and to know the science behind the diet. If you go to the dukan website you can input your details there where it will give you your 'true' weight. Let us know how you get on


Goat herder(ess)
There's no need to subscribe, Dana. You can get a target weight and date for loss without paying a penny. I think that you might have to give them your email address, but that's it - no payment. The payment is for the coaching and there's no need for that. In fact, hardly any of us have forked out that amount as we get all of our info from the book and from on here. :)
So, weight is starting to shift and the only side effect is the headaches. Am drinking plenty so not sure what to do about that. I have a couple of questions though:
How do you know if you are in ketosis?
Which type of oat bran do you use - I think I may have the porridge type.
This is what I ate yesterday:
B: Yoghurt and ham
L: oat gallette, baked chicken with spices (lots of it), slice of baked beef, youghurt
T: half a roast chicken(no skin)2 boiled eggs, slice of ham

Plenty of water, coffee with skimmed milk and sweetener
Porridge type?
You have got oatbran and not flakes/rolled oats?

I have mornflake at the moment, tesco do their own, Sunwheel is another brand.


Goat herder(ess)
You know that awful headache? Well, that's actually a good sign - sounds like you're heading off into ketosis! :)

Don't worry, though, your head will clear. Mine was awful for about 3 or 4 days, then I felt absolutely fine.
OK, so have been to town to get the right oat bran. Went to the library to get the book - guess what? All out or reserved. Went to WHSmith and could only get the recipe book. I guess I will have to order it but i am the type of person that wants it now! Oh well, will ahve to wait.


grammar police
The recipe book does cover the major points of the diet - I have both books and read the recipe book first, though I did wait and read the main book before I started. Did you buy the recipe book or have you ordered it? How long will it be?
Yes I did buy the recipe book and have read it already. SOme fab recipes for the attack stage so I now need to go back and stock up on all the little bits that make the meals tasty, although I am managing with just baking in foil in the oven with a few herbs etc. I was a bit of a non eater so I am struggling to eat enough, even though I feel absolutely after each meal. I could often go one or two days without eating, not becaus I was trying to lose weight, but just because I am not a foodie. My husband comforts eats whereas I just tend to eat when my body tells me to. I am really enjoying it though and actually took the 4 flights of stairs in the library. Have bought a book to write everything down in - only problem is that I seem to have turned into a weighing scale junkie!


Goat herder(ess)
My husband comforts eats whereas I just tend to eat when my body tells me to.
You sound like a typical naturally slim person, Dana, just as I used to be.

Do you mind me being incredibly nosy and asking how you came to put on the extra weight?

In my case, I blame my husband. He introduced me to all kinds of delicious foods and I became a dedicated foodie. :eek:
I think it comes from having 4 children, a little extra put on each time. I am also a teacher so have little time for anything other than work and so don't do a lot of exercise. Like I said, I am not really a foodie so eating only when I am hungry is the wrong thing to do. I never eat breakfast and often don't have time for lunch so just eat in the evenings and eat the wrong things. I got two boxes of chocolates from kids at school the other week (Thorntons) and ate the lot in one day instead of luch - much quicker and easier.
I think I am still struggling to eat enough on this diet but once I reach the next stage I will better, being able to eat other things as well as the protein. Today I have a yoghurt with oat bran for breakfast, curried chicken (from the recipe book) and a two egg omlette dry fried. Plenty of water and 2 coffees so far today. I don't feel hungry so hope I am eating enough.


Goat herder(ess)
Definitely worth trying to get into the habit of eating more of the right things to stop you eating the wrong things. I know exactly what you mean and have a tendency to reach for the chocolate, rather than something healthier, myself.

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