Danger times

My danger time is the evening. When I was on Cambridge I used to have 1/2 a bar for dinner and save the other half for the evening.

Then when the time came, I'd make a huge cup of coffee, get everything in place and really enjoy it.

To be honest, I reckon it was that evening 1/2 bar that kept me going most of the time. I used to so look forward to it. Days work done, time to relax etc.
My danger time is evenings and weekends too. I save a pack for evening time and either have crisps or a mousse which helps.

I also have a savory drink at times when I want to binge because it does take away that feeling of needing something sweet.

Tonight I really wanted to eat some chicken leftovers so I came to bed. I am determined no more nibbling now.

Another good tip is to have a mug of hotwater with some water flavourings in.
My danger times is the weekend,:mad: find it tough going as the routine is all over the place...

Evenings sometimes and reacting to emotions...:mad:
Hiya all

Last night i conquered the danger times. I felt hungry and had the urge to eat. So i took Karion's advice and got huge cup of coffee and the chocolate bar which i really love. AFterwards i didnt even think about food at all.

I have also decided to go to the gym (hopefully this will increase my losses...is this right or is it just wishful thinking? :) )

I wont do anything strenuous but walking on the threadmill and doing some weights in order to get my muscles going.

I really love the support i get from this site. Whenever i feel like binging, I log on and read all your funny stories and your struggles and not to mention your success. You cant really imagine how i benefit from this site.

Cheers to the admins.
This is probably going to sound very pig-headed but I don't really get danger times anymore except during TOTM.. but I've found a cure for that now.. tea & some water flavouring, does the trick:) :)