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DAY 1... 17/8/07


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This is day1 of my yet again but last re-start! I went back to sw and just wasnt gettin the results after puttin in so much effort :(
So here i am back with u guys, so its all or nothing now, i need to do this big time so wish me luck im gonna keep posting on here how my day goes to see if it helps.:eek:

Woke up pretty excited to start again, even though i have been healthy eating i know if i give a 100% with cd i will get the results on weigh in day not like with sw. I have got a great friend on here kaz who is helping me 100% shes doing so well herself and is such a star, thanx again kaz when u read this when ur back online.:D

Just had my first glass of water of the day so here i go on my journey to skinnyville for christmas, as thats my goal to aim for.:)
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Welcome back Judy :) and good luck with your new start, i'm sure you'll do well. Just make sure you keep drinking that water and when it gets tough remind yourself why you're doing this!!

Hugs xx
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Welcome back Judy you sound well and truly in the "zone". With that positive attitude skinnyville will be here before you know it!!



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Thanx for all ur supprt!:D

Well today has been pretty good i have kept myself busy all day cleaning, ironing, washing you name it! so havnt thought about i too much. I find t-time onwards the hardest time of day so will probs be on here then. :rolleyes:
just had my 4th glass of water so need to drink another few b4 bed, havnt stopped peeing (sorry tmi):eek:
I have been walking more lately while the weather is nice but that soon changed to rain! so hopefully will have another nice day 2morrow after all this rain and i can walk to my mums with the kids to burn some flab off lol:eek:


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well the kids are eating their tea in the kitchen and the smells are wafting in, why does food smell so nice! :sigh:

sat here with another glass of water they are having some fruit and yougart now, but i will do this i will be a sexy mrs santa lol:D

was watching a home dvd earlier and i was on it ( i tend to hide from any camera of any sort) i was like omg im huge, it was christmas time i just had a t-shirt and tracky pants on not made much effort at all. :eek:
The kids had all their lovely new clothes on as they always do for christmas and i looked crap. Every year i never bother with myself coz i never feel good with being overweight, but not tis year! this year im gonna make an effort, if i give a 100% i can be another few stone lighter! :D
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Hi Judy
Im only on day two of my 2nd attempt at CD and for some reason I feel so much better this time around, but Tea time is my vice... I mad my partner eat his tea in the kitchen last night standing at the bench because he was having Chicken, chips and salad and I would have been hovering over him if he ate in here with me lol
I never used things like choc bars and tetra bricks last time but they are helping this time, the choc bars are devine, wish i could live on 4 a day... id be well sorted!
As for seeing your self on camera... well last night my partner took pics of me naked, front, back and side and jesus was it a shake up... never seen myself from the back before and just as well.
I cut that one out... and placed it on the fridge door... so everytime i go near it, it gives me reason to run away crying lol.... u may all laff... but its bloody working lol


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hi crew [email protected] puttin it on the fridge door, if i did that my 4 yr old son would tell everyone lol or i wud forget to take it off when visitors come and they would never come again if they saw me naked i tell ya its a good idea though, I havnt got a partner and i aint gettin the kids to do it if they tell people they may think im a weirdo lol so thats out for me, i think a pic with clothes on is a good enough reminder haaa
Hiya Judy what a great positive start you've had and well done for resisting the temptation...makes you feel good doesn't it!!! I wanted to do the fat pic of me in my wedding dress and put that on the fridge but can't coz Ste lives with me and it'd kind of give the surprise away lol. Just think in a few months at christmas you'll be looking a lot lighter and hopefully have more confidence to feel comfortable in front of that camera and think of all the compliments you're gonna get between now and then as you continue to lose weight...you'l be glowing and then it'll all have been worth it :)


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well i did it i got passed t-time yayyy:D
It was hard as i was starvin but i kept gluggin the water and kept busy, i had a veg soup for my last shake yum yum:)
Cant believe how much water i hve drunk i think i better make this glass my last or i wont be gettin any sleep coz i will be on the loo all night :eek:

2morrow is another day and hopefully wont be too hard, thanx for all ur support everyone it really helped xx
Well done on getting through the day and RE the toilet at night time i'm on day 14 now and it's only the last 2 nights i haven't been up in the night to use the loo but u know what it doesnt bother me as every time i go to the loo i know it's weight that's shifting so bring it on i say!!!
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Well done on getting through your first day Judy and for that tricky t-time. I find the evenings the worst as well, I think it is because I slow my water intake down because of bedtime so I start to feel a bit empty and the mind begins to wander. Find Minimins a great support, keeps your mind busy and destracted and full of inspiration and support.

Here's to your Day 2!

a lot of people don't drink anything after 9pm but i usually drink about a litre of water during the night, so that wouldnt work for me. Just see what works for you, if you make sure you go to the loo bfore you go to bed (obvious i know lol) then it might help you go that bit longer through the night. Try not to worry about it though, it's a small price to pay to lose weight!!!


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Well i did it got through day 1 yayyyyyy!:D

Sitting here with my first glass of water of the day will do my shake soon. Iwent to bed at 9:30pm coz i was starved lol a total waste of time coz i was lying there wide awake for ages coz my mind went into over active mode, and i started thinking of anything and everything.:rolleyes:

Was hoping it was gonna be a nice day today so i could walk to my mums rather than take a bus, but its raining and really miserable out.
At least i will be out most the day so keeps my mind off food! It's sad that when ur overweight all u think about is food isnt it?
oh well day 2 here i come!! back later on today goodluck everyone for the day. xx:)


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well done on getting through day 1 Judy. Hope the weather perks up for you as a walk would be nice. Hope day 2 is OK for you. Loved your comments about being a sexy mrs santa this year. Why not join the christmas challenge to keep you focused on your christmas goals?

Have a great day.


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back home, fed the kids etc ang omg its been hard today!!:(

Started this morning my youngest was having toast, why oh why on this diet is toast such a temptation?? i never really used to bother with toast, but every time on cd i want it!

Then in my mums my dad had a bacon butty :drool: omg the smell my mouth is still watering now!

Then the dreaded t-time came kept gluggin my water to stop me eating any of it, i did it though i didnt have any i really dont know how, coz even now typing this theres a little voice in my head keeps saying order a chippy tea u know u want it! :eek:

My will power really is gettin taken to the extreme today :mad:
I have been textin kaz and shes been great but deep down i just dont think im strpng enough to fight this :eek:
omg listen to me this is food for gods sake! its not as if im never gonna eat again so why cant i do this stop thinking about food!!!! its makin me really angry but i so want fish & chips lol argghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


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well i have done it i bloody gave in to temptation im so weak so embarassed and so annoyed with myself, the voice in my head got the better of me :-( sorry kaz i have let u down and more than all let myself down!
I hate being fat so why do i do this to myself?

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