day 1/2- feeling really please...

Slim at heart

Skinny girls r 4 wimps!!
I'm between day one & two of SS, started yesterday at lunch time, I'm having a really hard time of it, feel quite ill actually...

Have a blinding headache, sick to my stomache, hunger pains, dizzy spells, hot & cold spells, can't concentrate at work, very irritable (feel very angry actually)...

Trying to stay positive & focused but all I can think about is food food food...

I promise you that you will feel much better soon. Honest. Take painkillers for the headache. Drink loads and loads of water. Split your packs if they are making you feel sick. Sometimes such a large load of vitamins can upset people.

Don't make the shakes up in one go, but only use 18-19g of powder and 4fl oz of water.

Hang in there. You'll been feeling much better shortly. Oh...and please try not to kill anyone in the meantime. Makes such a mess and I don't think they cater for VLCD's in prison :D
hi hunny
hang in there, your doing really well so far, the first couple of days are the pits but you are going to feel so much better about yourself if you can make it to day 3. drink loads of water, have a peppermint tea with sweetners and if you feel like it have a good scream! try not to think about the long term and just take it a day or hour at a time.
Someone once told me that when they run a marathon they don't run 26 miles they run a mile 26 times.
good luck hun, we're all rooting for you
bluemoon xx
Hi Anna

It's normal for you to feel this way in the first few days, but stick with it as soon you will be feeling on top of the world. When i was doing the diet 100% (i got to target in May), i had never had such an amazing feeling of wellbeing - but my first couple of weeks were hell - i even took some time off work.

Stick with it, for most people it only lasts for 3/4 days. The results are sooooooooo worth it!

Be strong, the new slim you is just waiting round the corner.
If it gets too much at work, go home claiming the flue (similar symptoms!!) but don't be tempted to eat anything at home.

Take plenty of water and paracetamol if you are struggling, it does help.

Once you have detoxed it is a much easier journey!
Hiya honey

i can only re-iterate what everyone else has said... sending you loads of hugs and positive vibes!!

take paracetemol it really does help

hope you feel better soon, just try to think of that new slim you :D :D :D


Gen xx
Hi Babe
I know it has been said before but the first few days are the worst.
Drink lots and lots take painkillers split your packs,Was told at start to try having water shake then more water as it diluts packs more.
If poss try to take it easer then normal,this evening if poss pamper yourself nice bath early night,
Most of feel like this at first,I for one agree that the horried day were so worth it.I feel so much better health wise and self wise then I did in Jan when I first started,Never thought I would get thie for but I have and you can as well
Just hang in the girl your first weigh in will make it so worth it.
Sending you good and positive vibes.
Love Libbie x
Anna you poor thing!

Drink lots and sleep lots!!! It will pass in a few days.

Best of luck

Julie xx :)
Thanks everyone... finding this really hard but every hour that passes without eating is an achievement...
You can do it Anna. This was the easiest diet i'd ever done after getting through the pain barrier and was the only diet that ever got me to my goal weight.

Just think you could be at your goal weight just after the new year and that will be upon us in no time!!!
Like everyone has said here - hang on in there, its quite a change to go from eating to just shakes, but your feeling is normal so dont worry and I can only reitterate the advice to drink as much water as you can. The first days are the hardest, but you can do it!!!
Just had my 'lunch' half a chicken & mushroom soup with loads of chilli!! Feel a bit better now, I think part of it was the fact that I had a cappucino shake for brekki & it was barf- left me with a horrible taste in my mouth... the chilli has sorted that out for a bit...
Hang on in there .... everything you're feeling has been experienced by most of us and we're right there with you cheering you on. Things WILL get easier: I promise!

I remember my early days on CD - I had all the same symptoms but the worst was a bout of sickness that literally knocked me off my feet: I couldn't even lift my head without vomiting! (Most people don't get it THAT bad so don't worry). That was horrible and lasted a day - I was at college and had a dead-line to meet to hand in an essay the next day but had to get hubby to go and get an extension form ... there was NO WAY I could type or even think!!

Anyway, it passed as quickly as it came and everything got easier. Then came the psychological stuff .... vivid dreams about food - so real I was convinced I'd cheated! :D
And the constant thoughts of 'I haven't eaten for 4 days' .... 'I haven't eaten for 6 days' etc etc

It's a crazy diet but your body settles into it fairly quickly and then come the rewards!!
At the end of March, I had 125lb to lose .... now there's just 45lb left to go. That 120lb you want to lose will just start melting away and it will all have been worth it!

Sending you tons of positive vibes!! :)
Just had my 'lunch' half a chicken & mushroom soup with loads of chilli!! Feel a bit better now, I think part of it was the fact that I had a cappucino shake for brekki & it was barf- left me with a horrible taste in my mouth... the chilli has sorted that out for a bit...

love the chilli shakes in the soup they are yummy!!! if you are a chilli fan, as you obviously are, you should get ur hands on some halapeno shakes, they are in the same jar thingys as the chilli ones and they add a lovely kick to the soup!! my mouth is watering just thinking of it now... might just have to have mine soon !!

keep up the good work girl

Gen xx
Slim, you can do it, Im not gonna go on about what has been already said, other than please hang in there.

If you are bored and want somthing to do then have a look at my diary on weight loss diary section and have a read, I explain about the first few days and what I went thro, As a relative newbie, this is day 46 for me I can so relate to what you are feeling.

Well done on starting, that in its self is a massive acheivemnt
Hi I feel like that on the 1st 3 days :eek: ,Im doing 1000 stage2 for 3 days then 790 stage1 for 3 days and then add a meal for 3 days then ssing, as on cambridge website it says it can help to do this as your cutting the carbs out etc slowly and the side effects arent so bad????????I'll see next week.
Hope your feeling better ((hugs))
Thanks again for all the replies, you all really helped me get through the first 2 days, it's slightly better now but still feel very hungry... oh well, things can only get better!!!