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Day 1...confused!

This is my first day on LLT - never tried it before. I have not received any books / guides on what I should be doing (I've only watched the video my LLC showed me). Should I have a book as i've noticed on other posts that some people seem to have them? and am I allowed just plain fizzy water instead of still water? Feeling slightly confused!
Can anyone help? Thanks!
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Yes - you should have a green book which gives you lots of information. It's useful throughout the programme so I would make sure your LLC gives one to you.

You can have fizzy water - but not flavoured water. You can also have black tea, black coffee, green tea, mint tea, other leaf teas (but not non-leaf tea like camomile). You should drink more than you usually would as you are not having normal food - which contains lots of water.
Great - thanks for this. I should be seeing my LLC tomorrow am to swap some food-packs & will ask her about the book then. VERY relieved to know I can have fizzy water!! :D
When you say green book, are you referring to our personal record books?! Cos I've been doing it for 8 wks and that's the only one I have!! Xxx
No - not the personal record of your weight loss. There's a green book (about the size of the councilling module books but much thicker) which gives all sorts of information about what you can add to packs, exercising, water intake, therapy approaches and lots of other stuff. You should get it when you start.
Oh!! I never got that, tho could have been because I was a returner! Thanks! Xxx
Its called 'My Journey' and is like the bible for LLT. If its not in the book its not on the program. Explains the food pack and making them, side effects, exercise, group and the rules for group, CBT and TA, and has success stories and motivational quotes. You should have got it with the packs and your shaker.
MrsB. I would ask for the big green book again as it has changed since the last time I did LL. Make sure you've got a copy as your LLC should be referring to it in your sessions.
Interesting, I'll ask for the book (I thought there must be something other than the one used to record weights). I didn't get a shaker either!
Thanks for the info everyone!
you should have been given a shaker, book and LL bag. If you haven't got them then you're not a fully fledged member of the club ;-)
Yes - you can feel light headed. Make sure you're drinking lots of water. You may also get headaches for the first few days. After the first week things should be easier!

If you don't have a shaker how are you making up the cold shakes?
I'm using a hand blender. Just got back from meeting my LLC, who didn't have a book or a shaker for me - have to admit to being a little disappointed. If its not there on Wednesday I won't be happy. At least I got to swap the vile chocolate milkshakes though!!
I never got a bag, the shaker or the book when I started. It's only cos I asked for a shaker that she gave me one, but said I should have paid £7 for it. Will have to ask about a book. We have one calked "messages" that we work through.
Can't help but feel a tad let down. And she's never taken any photos for the before and after (I did, for my own reference!)
Still, she is lovely and does everything else really well!! So it's not all bad!! Xxx
Sounds like some LLC's are better than others at giving out the materials. Mine gave me the book (green for women, black for men), shaker, bag, and a pedometer on day 1. She also took photos and measurements, and has taken measurements monthly since then.
She does my measurements everytime i have a bp check, so that's consistent. I guess it's cheaper for her not to hand it out, as i'm a returner! xxx
They charge an extra one time fee when you join that covers the book, bag, shaker and pedometer. So if you paid that fee then you should receive all those things.
they sholdn't be charging a fee for the book/bag/shaker! They all come as part of the overall cost of the programme...which is £72 a week (without extras).
Everyone should have a 'my journey' book and we're given reading from it for homework every week. I'm a returner too but the book has changed significantly so I was given a new one...and a shaker...and a bag and didn't have to pay any extra.
You should also get a new book every 4 weeks and should go through them week by week in your sessions. They shouldn't cost any extra either!!
There is a 15 pound joining fee (it was 20euro over here). Someone had asked about this in a thread back in July. I was told when I joined that it covers the bag, shaker, book, and pedometer.
There's no joining fee here. This is my second time as a returner and I've never been charged a 'one off' fee. Niether have any of my other friends who have done LL in the past.

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