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day 1, need support


I started the lipotrim TFR diet today. I am currently lying in bed and I feel quite sick. Any tips or advice? But am determined to stick this out. I am 235lbs at 5ft 8 and I've tried every diet & fad going. I hope & pray that this works for me this time. Am sick of looking & feeling the way I do. I've joined this forum for moral support & also to chat to people that are in the same boat as me. I intend to put very regular updates on the website & I hope that we can all achieve our dreams together. The power is in our hands. Lots of love.... Juls37 xx
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hi juls. if you look at my stats there pretty much the same as yours. i think your target weight is maybe a bit low. you need a weight your not going to struggle to stay at. its harder keeping the weight off after lipo than it is losing it in the first place.

i felt sick around day 5. but it only last a day. its well worth the effort in the end. lipo strips you of body fat so you see reults after only a couple of weeks, its brill.

keep up the good work hun and just tell yourself its not for that long

Thanks Kerry, I think ur right about my target, I think I was given one that's too low. If I got to 12 stone then I would b very happy. Thank u for the advice.

Julie x
Hi Juls37. we are the same height what's ur Target weight hun. If u don't mind me asking (on my phone at mo) .. i started at 215.5 my target ostensibly 147 but in all honesty i want to be 139... First week is tough hun..not everyone is the same but sickness and lethargy are common. The results from your first week weigh in will give u the determination to go on i promise. Take it easy Drink 2-3 litres of water a day and take it one day at a time. Set mini stone goals its easier to work towards. And of u have a question or prob or feeling happy or low come on here and ask.....you will always get support!!!! Good luck on may two xxxxx
The first few days are the worst!!!! After the first week you'll feel ace!!! Keep at it!!! Its worth it hun!!! Good luck to you!!! x


On a mission!
Welcome to the world of Lipotrim Juls87! I promise that if you stick to it rigidly for the first week and see the amazing scales reading on your first weigh-in , you will be inspired girl!! Stick with us, we'll all get you through it! I'm on Day 11 now...can't believe it. Log in to this site EVERY DAY too if you can and you'll get soooo much support. Good luck...if we can do it so can you okay xx

x S
I think it's a bit like AA the motto should be one day at a time!

There are a couple of good threads with newbies asking for advice and they might be worth a read to help you through this. One thing is be prepared for day3 and remember you can do it!
It does get better, all you have to do is 6 more days...you can do it! Try sipping on some cold fizzy water, I find this great for getting rid of the hunger pains and nausea :)

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