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Day 1 - Shakes are disgusting!!! Help!!!

Hello fellow Lipotrimmers...Day 1, not hungry at all and extremely motivated...but started today with a strawberry shake (shaken in one of the plastic containers you get at the chemist, not stirred:jelous:) and took all my strength to actually drink it.

Followed up with a chocolate one later...a small bit better but again, very hard to drink.

Is this normal...does the taste get better as you go along!

Don't wanna be negative at all but just looking for some reassurance I guess that I can actually drink the stuff!


PS I'm aware I can have flapjacks from week 2...are these ok to taste?
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Get yourself an electric hand blender, it makes the shakes smoother without any bits, try adding ice to them, yum, I made the mistake of getting 3 flapjacks and ate only the corner of one of them, glad to say they all ended up in the bin; some people really do like them, each to their own. Stick with it you will learn to love the shakes, good luck and happy lipotrimming. x


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Alright fella - 'bout yeeee :D Well done on yer 1st day... the good news is that your tastebuds get more aclimatised to the taste...more sensitive in fact - you'll realise how your bodies been tricked into demanding sweet sugary processed stuff...

Get yersen to Teskies & pickup a blue value brand hand blender for under a fiver - makes the world of difference.... or an aerolater stick for when you're at work (the kind to froth up coffee)... mixes the shakes well :)


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oh yeah - make sure the water is ice-cold !


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The shakes can taste vile to start off with as you really do notice the minerals and vitamins in them.

Thankfully this taste does go away.

Drink a glass of water before taking your shake, this will dilute the taste.

Also, it helps to divide your packs in two, so instead of two packs (for men) you can have four mini meals throughout the day.

Just remember to make each half up fresh.

Your doing very well to have one day done and dusted.

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Welcome....i love the flapjacks but many don't ...the vanilla shake can be added to coffee to make a kinda of latte.. the chocolate one with peppermint tea (pure leaf) to make minty hot chocolate ..and yes they do taste better as you get further into LT!!!! strawberry taste fab with loadsa ice crushed in a blender xxx
Good luck in your first week and don't forget to post you WI losses xxx
You will get used to the taste of the shakes and get to enjoy them after a while. But there are a few things that most people do to improve them a little. Trial and error really to find what suits you. But try the following

Make the shake with an electric hand mixer - stops any lumps - much better

Add loads of ice

Add coffee to the vanilla

Make the choc either hot or cold with peppermint tea

Add coffee to the choc - mocha

Add some vanilla to hot coffee to make latte

Freeze a shake to make ice cream

Enjoy and good luck :)
Wow, cheers guys...that was quick! Thanks so much for all the advice, will nip out at lunch tomorrow and get mesel a blender...and some peppermint tea!

Been drinking black coffee today so the vanilla latte sounds fab too!

Just work your way through them and you will find the ones you like, the flap jacks are an aquired taste but they do grow on you. I have also had the strawberry hot and I didnt mind that.
Stick with it you WILL get use to them...........good luck!
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I love love love all my shakes!!!

This week im loving the vanilla and im purposely leaving lots of lumps in it so it has a lovely texture - kind of like little sweet chips in it - gorgeous

I love my flapjacks too- dunno what I would do without them - although today nearly turned me off the - I opened one up and it was mouldy - all green and hairy. What lack of food does to you - without blinking i just reached into my drawer pulled out another and munched into it - and then when i was finished I thought about how disgusting the mouldy one was infront of me.

Oh and give the soup a chance - I think you need to try it at least twice before you can say you dont like it - because it really is yummy!
oxoAlly...are you having a laugh??? Sweet little chips...makes me feel sick thinking about it!
No shes right I do it with the soup also lol


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S: 14st13lb C: 13st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 31.1 Loss: 1st2lb(7.66%)
Have to admit I like the lumpy bits too lol :)
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Ye the lumps are lovely in the soup too - but especially nice in the shakes.... Its different i suppose doesnt make you feel like your on a liquid diet... I get real excited when im only half mixing them....

Give it another little while and you will be dying for a bit of variety.
Thanks guys...I think I'll just eat the powder from now on and be done with it...like a Sherbet dip (without the lolly of course - unless I can find a carb-free, leaf extract one)...or could just pretend I'm a colour blind Tony Montana lol


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nooooo lumpy bits are rank...what has LT done to your brains!!!!!!! and HD you have no excuse you need to be on it longer before turning to disgusting habits lmao


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Hi and welcome to the wonderful world of Lipotrim. They do get better. They are very salty in the beginning, but you get used to them and start to look forward to them after a while. I make mine with more water then the 8floz though! I use aprox 12. Stick with it mate. Good luck. x
Thanks Nic...a moment of sanity amongst the madness!
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Hmmm powder by itself - doesnt sound so bad!!!

LT has totally messed with my brain - but im not complaining - its helping me lose weight


Says it as it is!!!
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Thanks Nic...a moment of sanity amongst the madness!
haha yeah...but!!!! i have only been on it for 4 weeks... i m sure it gets worse the longer your on it

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