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Attack Day 1 Tomorrow & I'm READY

hello fellow dukaners.....

day 1 tomorrow for me.

ive got defrosing a big chicken fillet, a slab of steak and a salmon fillet.

ive got my fat free yogurts, 0.1% fat fromage frais (couldn't find fat free) and my virtually fat free quark, ive got a tons of spices and garlic and lemon for flavourings.

im gonna be weighing myself on my wii, and maybe (if the kids let me) do 20 minutes exercise on it in the morning.

im sick of being a lump, ive been called fat quite alot of times recently by various people/daughters friends :cry: so thats it, dukan diet here i come.

im prepared mentally and with a freezer/fridge fully stocked.

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Good luck.. i think being mentally prepared (that is, armed with all necessary knowledge as well as highly motivated) is a great start.

good luck, let us all know how you get on.


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Welcome! Sounds like you are well prepared :) I look forward to reaching conso around the same time as you!
Thanks for your replies ladies....

this is probably a stupid question, but i know dr dukan says 20 minutes walking a day whilst following his plan, but is it a case of the more exercise you do the better on attack stage ?

i would like to join my gym or start going on my long walks (upto 2 hours), but im just wondering is this ok ?

exercise (when i actually do it) always releases feel good hormone stuff in me, so i want to do a fair bit.

any advice on the exercising side of things greatly appreciated x
Hi Allyson,

I am on my 4th day of Attack and i'm loving it so far! I am looking forward to the day when i can eat some vegetables again...which is another 3 days away but i'm not struggling to bad on attack phase at all. I have all the food i need, i'm well organised and i'm in the right head space. I'm very motivated. So long as u are well equipped with the food you need and u have your motivation, you will do great! The scales are going down rapidly for me this week so far which is also a great incentive...i can't stay off them. I weigh in every morning, which i probably shouldnt...but i can't seem to help myself.
As for exercise, i think to get your food right to start with is the most important thing. If u can manage 20 mins to half hr on the Wii, that is a great start and you can always up the ante as u go along. Don't go 'gung ho' right from the start. Thats my opinion anyway.
Good luck on your journey, look forward to hearing of your progress!



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I think you are not supposed to do much in the way of hard exercise on attack as you may feel a little weak which is why he says 20 min walk. I will say I didn't feel weak at all during it. Once in cruise I think that is when you can up your exercise.

Good luck, I love this diet :)
Thanks again for your replies, im going to take myself over to the Diary section to do daily updates :D

So far today though ive made the famous oatbran gallette for breakfast (although i was allowed a lie in today as the husband is off work) so it was a very late breakfast.

Off to make a grilled salmon with lemon squeezed on it and a touch of salt.

Got on my wii scales and was 232 lbs :eek: (16 stone 8lbs).

Oh well its only downwards from here on :D
it was ok, i could definately eat it for breakfast each day, although my "caving in time" of the day is usually 7pm onwards, so i may save it till then, its good that you can cook them in advance and then just heat up (i think thats right).

but i think i'd add a slice of ham or a dry fried egg on it next time
Its actually alright, its just like a normal pancake but thicker with an oaty taste to it.

Just remember it fills you up and absorbs like 30 times its volume or something when it gets in your tummy.

My fussy food daughter even insisted on trying some and said it was yummy :D


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Sounds like you're doing really well! I'm starting tomorrow and can't wait but am a bit apprehensive as it's the weekend and they're my weakness! My sister started 2 days ago and has already lost 3lbs so hopefully I'll stay focused and be able to do the same!


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I make my breakfast galettes the night before and wrap them in foil to keep them moist. then i just eat them cold the next day - convenient, transportable and looks a bit like a biscuit/flapjack so doesn't invite too many questions (handy if you're keeping being on a diet to yourself)


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That's a great idea!

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