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Attack Day 1

Hi guys! :D

I heard about the Dukan diet ages ago. I've previously lost 3 stone on Slimming World, but I've gained about 9-12lbs recently... oops :ashamed0005:

My books (dukan diet + recipe book) are on order from Amazon. I had a brief look at someone elses book... is the following correct?

I can eat:

  • Lean meat (chicken/beef) with any herbs/spices - I do love my herbs and spices :D
  • Fish
  • Fat free fromage frais
  • Fat free Greek or Natural Yoghurt
  • 1 1/2 tbsp's of oatbran
  • Eggs, or is it just the egg whites?
  • Loads of water throughout the day
Oo and fat free cottage cheese and quark... which I will probably be leaving out.

I looked on the Dukan webby and it advised doing the attack for 5 days.

Rach x
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Dukan Ancestor!!
Yes that looks good, you're allowed whole eggs though some people limit themselves to 2 yolks a day, because of cholesterol but opinions vary. Remember that the Oatbran is not optional nor unlimited, all the others are more or less 'unlimited' in attack. Turkey is another lean meat to vary things a bit.

Yes herbs and spices, and mustard, not ketchup.

Sounds like you're on top of things - good luck!! And do come back here if you get stuck.
Sorry to hijack your thread haven't worked out how to start a new one on the app!
How do you eat the Galettes?
Do you cook them fresh and eat them warm, pre-prepare them and eat them cold or can they be reheated?
I didn't make them the first time I did the diet just had porridge but wanted to try them this time as I want to do it better this time!

Many thanks

Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I know about no ketchup etc. boohoo.... I LOVE the stuff! :wave_cry: byebye sugary sauces :(

I've seen loads of diff recipes for galettes, what's the best?

This morning I used egg, yoghurt & oatbran. I don't really like sweet stuff, so I put some chilli in it to make it savoury :) Was erm... different lol.


Talks alotttt! :)
Going to try galettes tonight (+ make in bulk) to save time in the mornings, partner had coco pops because he didnt fancy meat for breakfast he said!


** Chief WITCH **
Your partner could try eggs perhaps... I hear him though re no meat at breakfast. Friday is the only day I keep the bran for later in the day, and it's still strange to eat meat then!

Galettes freeze well, and can be kept a few days in the fridge. I'm a muffin fan (see p.1 of our recipe thread for a photo) and I bake four days at a time, and freeze regularly also.


Talks alotttt! :)
he had his oat bran porridge this morning, I've saved mine for burgers tonight yum yum!

Had a look at the muffins, they look great! I made some funny salmon souffle things last night. Just basically, cottage cheese, eggs, salmon and a few herbs and put them in a silicone muffin pan. turned out great, had them with grilled steak and made my own pepper sauce.

I think experimenting early on is the key so no slip ups are made. Hopefully anyway! Thanks for all your advice by the way. It's nice knowing people are actually there to support you for nothing in return.


** Chief WITCH **
You're very welcome BN... why not open a diary and tell us more about yourself... nice to have you on board with us!

Your souffle things sound great!


Talks alotttt! :)
When I made them on SW I used weetabix, so thought they'd work quite well with oatbran.


** Chief WITCH **
Maybe at the outset, but with oatbran being such a delight in muffins/galettes or even bread and cakes (ok you need some imagination!!), "wasting" them in burgers isn't going to happen to me!

Remember, only 1.5 tablespoons per day in attack. 2 thereafter.
I like to use oatbran to crisp up the top of meatloaf, imagine it would have a similar effect in burgers. Its a good option for those of us who are lazy in the kitchen ;)
I sometimes use oatbran mixed with salt, pepper and chili powder to coat chicken fillets for "Southern Baked Chicken". Yummy and crunchy!


** Chief WITCH **
I remember someone here in France who used to roll chicken breasts in that nasty "fat free" packaged ham we get here, then bread crumb it with the oatbran and fry... That I could possibly do...