day 1

mrs lilly


I am on day CD 1 and am happy to say got to end of day at work and survived :D :D

Trying to go to about 8pm till soup so have just had a yummy drink of crushed ice, 1 pint of fizzy wter and 1/2 tea spoon of summer berry flavour - was delicious, going to get some more now:D :D

undecided about what soup to have is the brocolli and cheese nice??

hello mrs lilly, i am also on day one it has been okish i guess had a few hunger pains but feel very weak other than that it is not to bad.
good luck for 2marro
I am on LL but a nice CDC gave me a cheese and broccoli soup. It was lovely and creamy but definetely tasted more of broccoli than it did of cheese though.
Well done for getting through the first day. Once you are in ketosis it will be easier.
hey i am restarting after a two week christmas break and it gets easier as you go on firstly well done for today and keep going I started in august and was a size 20 I am now a size 12 with a few slips on the way..............
good luck

kim x