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Hi there,
Not sure if this is the right forum to post on. Have started Cambridge today sole source so far is going ok just wanted to introduce myself and get to know other peoples stories and progress. For breakfast i had porridge which tasted disgusting and i left most of it, lunch strawberry shake which wasnt too bad and im planning to have oriental soup for dinner tonight. Dont feel really hungry just drinking lots of water hoping to keep going and keep thinking this is not forever. Any tips or inspiration welcome.
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Plod, plod, plod.....
Welcome Hayley, you'll find lots of support on here. Do try to 'eat' all your Cambridge meals, you need all the nutrients they contain. You'll have to experiment a bit with the flavours to find some that you do like. You are right, it isn't for ever and you'll soon be beginning to see significant weight losses. Don't overdo the water, 4 pints is plenty, and don't drink lots all at once - sip it throughout the day if you can. Good luck.
:welcome: to minimins and cd. i restarted today aswell for the 10th time. 1st time is golden time - do not break it for a anything!

bess is right do try and fin you shakes even if not nice, as u go on you will find a few that you really like. i love the tetra's so handy no blender to wash!!!

try and keep busy and have a early night, pamper yourself, have a bath paint your nails etc.
Hi, this is my first time on the CD too so you are not alone.

I am on day 4 now and have found that some of the shakes are much nicer than the others.

Good luck on it, I hope you find some flavours that you really like :D

Hi, I'm on week one still. With the porridge my CDC advised adding a little flavour from the toffee and walnut to it (just a teaspoon) to make it palatable. It tastes similar to Oats so Simple then. I cannot stand cinnamon, so the apple and cinnamon was out for me!

I've tried doing it with a few flavours and chocolate is also nice.

I find that the choc mint shake, made into a hot choc really fills me in the evenings, rather than soup, which I don't always fancy.

Good luck!
Hello, I'm starting SS on Friday (have my first CD appointment on Thursday), am just trying to decide which shakes etc to choose for the week, am going to cut down on the carbs/ calories starting from tomorrow to try and make the transition easier. How has everyone found their first few days?... :) I really want to do well.
Hi Neptune. I found the first few days not too bad at all personally and I'm sure that you will too. :)

If you are feeling motivated, have already reduced your carbs and drink lots of water that definitely helps.

My CDC is lovely and supportive which is also good. Only just recently found this forum, but already finding the people are friendly and helpful and reading the posts has been an amazing distraction for me. Good luck with it!


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Hi and welcome, this is my first time and Im a week in, its going well so far 100%.Im starting to go off the soups a bit, everones tastes are different but i couldn't stomach the oriental chili at all. my fav is chicken and mushroom. It is difficult finding flavours that you like but get a variety and see what appeals.
I'm on day one tooooo! :D

have you got a list of treats and rewards?

Here are my favourites so far:

fresh flowers
a relaxing bath
fresh bed sheets
hair cut
minimins!! :)
a swim

I'm going to save a FORTUNE on this - mainly cutting out the boozy nights out and replacing them with nights out on the bubbly!! (water, that is!!)..

And it's amazing how much money I spend on nonsense.. drinks, snacks, lunch can cost me 3 or 4 quid a day easily..

..so I'm going to spend that money on ME!! :)

perfume, occasional items of clothing that I ACTUALLY LIKE! :p..

..so, that's a start anyway! I think this is going to be great - but then, I'm only on day 1, so I guess I would think that!!

Hopefully, if I get on with living, I'll stop noticing that I'm not eating as much as I was!

All the best everyone!

Hi guys, thanks for the welcome/ advice.... I've decided I'm going to get a variety of shakes, porridge and soups, I'm hoping at least this way throughout the course of the first week i'll find out which flavours I like/ dislike and it might distract me slightly if I am finding it hard.

I got my Mum to take some full body photos of my yesterday so I can compare them before, during and after as I'm going along - this wasn't great, felt disgusted with the way I look and the way people see me afterwards :eek:

I just want Friday to be here (not that I like wishing the week away) so that I can start. Have a good monday everyone :)
Hi all,
I have just had my first meeting and will be starting SS tomorrow.Feel a bit nervous and I dont know why as I did lipotrim for a few months and did really well, just fell of the wagon. Anyway will try and keep to it and update my ticker.
Hi there,

Im on day 1 today, im struggling a bit if im honest but hey its only day 1 i guess. Trying to keep myself occupied and forget about food and eating but its hard!

Its great to read all the messages of support on this forum though.

Hi there,

Im on day 1 today, im struggling a bit if im honest but hey its only day 1 i guess. Trying to keep myself occupied and forget about food and eating but its hard!

Its great to read all the messages of support on this forum though.

Hi Ben

Your doing really well, the first days nearly over, you should be proud of yourself, do something else to take your mind off it, go for a walk, have a bath, anything... you can do it. x