Day 15- its been a long two weeks!

Discussion in 'CD Weight Loss Diaries' started by bethcox_, 21 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. bethcox_

    bethcox_ Well-Known Member

    I started my cambridge diet 2 weeks ago, week one was good, day 2 was the worst day but having lost 7lbs I was feeling good bout it.
    I had my second weigh in last night, only lost 2lb.. I'm not feeling low about this result because 9lb in 2 weeks is still amazing! And truth is I did have a Chinese on Monday and kicked myself right out of ketosis.. It's okay though feeling better than ever knowing that my next weigh in I could potentially loose 5lb or more!
    Good luck with everyone else's journeys!
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  3. Lottie12

    Lottie12 Well-Known Member

    Well done Beth. 9lbs is a fantastic result. Well done for 15 days on plan too. Hope I can follow your lead:)
  4. bethcox_

    bethcox_ Well-Known Member

    How are you getting on?
  5. Lottie12

    Lottie12 Well-Known Member

    Really well thanks. Have dabbled before with cambs. and got mixed results. Sometimes you just feel more "on it" than others . Seems this time its ok. I just woke up on Monday unenthused and mixed myself a shake(been languishing in pantry for ages) The shakes not me! and one shake lead to another.... and here I am day 4. Result. Hope you have a good day:)
  6. bethcox_

    bethcox_ Well-Known Member

    Aw I'm happy for you :) I'm getting back in to the swing of things because I had a Chinese Monday (birthday) I just stick to shakes couldn't get on with porridge! When's weigh in?
  7. Mizkirsty

    Mizkirsty Well-Known Member

    I'm starting day one tomorrow. I'd love those kinda I results well done stick at it. :) xx
  8. Lottie12

    Lottie12 Well-Known Member

    Birthday chineses don't count. !!!! I don't like porridge either . In fact I only like the packet shakes. I will weigh at home on Monday, Just so pleased to have got day 4 (nearly) over with. I really needed to remove myself from any food. I was eating mcdonalds and pizzas daily over the past month .Hope this will break the fast food habit. I like wine far too much too. I don't know if ill manage more than a week before switching to a food diet. Do you plan to stay on it til goal weight?:)
  9. bethcox_

    bethcox_ Well-Known Member

    Oh god you sound like me! Me and my boyfriend would always get a takeaway or a KFC just cos we could it got really bad! I really like the chocolate one.. Taste like angel delight :') try not to weigh yourself too often, I hear the scales get addictive ha, I don't own any so I'm in suspense until I get to my consultants house :')
    I'm not sure what I want to do yet, I want to loose 5 stone but gonna so my best for 12 weeks on shakes, it gets hard but the water keeps me going I have a litre bottle that I just keep filling up! I find this forum is so helpful and keeps you going for motivational advice :)
  10. louise11A

    louise11A Well-Known Member

    Jilly I'm also wondering how long I can stick at it before I need food!! Is there a difference in weightoss between SS and SS+?

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