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Day 2 and wondering and am i failing induction?

Hi, i have decided to start Atkins as an atempt to loose weight before i go travelling. (3 months to go)

I have read the book which makes sense however - i am wondering if today i am ruining my chances of loosing weight and wonder if anyone can offer any advice?

I am currently working two full time jobs so start at about 8.30am and finish the second at 11pm. My problem is that i just cannot face eggs and bacon first thing in the morning and would prefer/need the extra 45mins in bed.

This morning i decided to go for a protein shake by Whey with Soya milk...is this totally wrong on the induction stage?

If so can anyone offer any quick meals for a very busy lifestyle otherwise i feel i may fail rather quickly with this diet arghhhhhhhhh!:sigh:
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Hi Ditzeeblonde,

Thank you for the welcome!!

Its 1.97g per serving and then the Soya milk is 0.5g per 250ml. So perhaps not the best use of carbs???

Which shakes and bars do you use?

Many thanks x


Call me Linzi...
That sounds ok to me....

I use ones from Avidlite Low Carb Products but yours sound just fine.

The best way to succeed at Atkins is to have planned ahead..

For snacks- in the fridge - boiled eggs, cold sausages, cold meats, chopped up veggies, mayo, salad, pepperami's, babybels etc etc

In the house at all times - tinned tuna, eggs, cream, pork scratchings

If you have things to hand that you can grab & make into an easy meal you'll sail thru this!!

How are you finding it so far? x
Awesome, thanks for the advice!!

Lol i laughed yesterday as 6 hours in i had my first withdrawal headache or so i assume - can't beleive how quick my body craved. This passed and the a sugar craving came.

Just waiting for the 4 day mark when hopefully things will be easier and i will start to feel the positive effects!

So far so good!

How is your progress going? How long have you been on Atkins?

Many thanks x


Call me Linzi...
I started Atkins in January & have lost 53lbs so far. Its not my first time doing it but this time I have really settled into my groove & just can't believe how the weight is dropping off me while I'm not hungry & eating loads of lush food!!

When you get to 20 or 50 posts, you'll be able to see all the extra things we have in our signatures like our weight loss stats & Jims remarkable weight loss photos.

How much do you have to lose? x


Full Member
Hi CharlieD, welcome, this is a fabulous site, so friendly and lots of tips and advice, good luck.
seems like I've been on Atkins for ever and ever Charlie. :)
How long have you been on Atkins for Jim?

Ditzeeblonde welldone - that is an excellent amount, how long have you been on Atkins? I would like to loose 39lbs and hope to loose much of this before mid september - but obviously anything is better than nothing!!!

Whats your fav meals and snacks Ditzeeblonde, Jim & Jiggly?

CharlieD x

Charlie x
Oops you can tell i am new to this, I have just seen your stats on the left handside! You guys are doing so well...i only hope i have some success to report in a couple of weeks!
Hi Charlie,

I don't snack much now as I'm in Maint Charlie, but look for the recipe thread and the what are we eating thread for tips and pointers
Welcome Charlie to a wonderful way of eating and living. Oh - and losing weight too! Good luck x

xx Cathy xx

Bye Bye Huge Bottom!
Welcome Charlie! Just want to add MIMs make good toast (especially if you make it with marmite) and is a good brekkie on the go x
Hi Charlie

Welcome!! You'll find lots of support and advice here.

Good luck with your loss x


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Hi Charlie, welcome & good luck.

I always have pickled eggs in the cupboard, lush :)


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Good luck Charlie - I am a grazer and like to eat every couple of hours so a Mim sliced and spread with butter or primula makes 3 decent snacks for me in between times. Think outside the box for your meals, brekkie does not have to be bacon and eggs. Last nights leftovers can be just as tasty once you get your head round curry for breakfast lol.
Bren xx

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