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Attack Day 2 menu

After messing up yesterday with the venison burgers I'd be grateful if one of you experienced dukan dieters would have a look at today's menu (I've also posted it on daily menus thread - not sure the best place to post yet!)

Many thanks in advance

B: roasted salmon flakes
S: 1/2 cinnamon galette with 0% fat Greek yoghurt
L: chicken breast with 0% yoghurt dressing
S: 1/2 cinnamon galette with 0% Greek yoghurt or vanilla muller light
D: chicken breast slices + maybe some roast beef
S: egg White meringues with muller toffee yoghurt
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Ooooo - meringues with zero fat yogurt... Or crumbled into my rose-flavoured fro-gurt.

Roll on saturday and baking day!


** Chief WITCH **
Have you tried making meringues FQ? I have and they aren't great! All I can suggest is to make them in advance, let them dry out in the oven an hour, and eat them fast! Texture and taste not great so calm down ladies!!

I see you're splitting your oatbran ration. In France he advised to take it in one go to get the full benefits. I see here lots split. Up to you.

Definitely go for the beef for tea. You'll soon be chickened out otherwise, and feel free to eat plentifully. You don't have a lot with just a chicken breast.


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...I see you're splitting your oatbran ration. In France he advised to take it in one go to get the full benefits. I see here lots split. Up to you.
Is that so Joanne? I hadn't heard that before at all. Have been splitting since my 1st stall... I love to drag things out!


** Chief WITCH **
"in my day" at least... I'm not up to date with the official site anymore.
Hi maintainer

I'll have a look through book when I get home.


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I did wonder about the meringues- I have a feeling powdered sugar is needed to get the structure of air to protein right.

But I'm definitely going to experiment with this.


** Chief WITCH **
I've made lemon meringue pie before... you just need a good dose of imagination!

Thin galette base... baked blind to get it nice and crispy... lemon flavoured fat free yoghurt (or if you can't get them in UK, plain with lemon flavouring)... then I'd do small blobs of meringue separately on waxed paper. More successful than larger ones.
I made the meringues using small blobs! Whist they weren't as dense as normal meringues they were very nice. What I like about this diet is that I'm experimenting in the kitchen again


** Chief WITCH **
And that's where I think Dukan wins over "certain other" low carb diets. He gets us back in the kitchen!!

My man bakes better muffins than I do... and HOW I encourage him to keep his hand in ;)
Update on meringues. I left them overnight and today they were much better - almost like normal meringues :)

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