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Attack Day 2

Day 3

Another 1.2lb off!!

Ham for breakfast
Salmon for lunch
Bacon and eggs for tea

Feeling fine, odd sugar craving but nothing too bad.

Really looking forward to some veg, just to vary meal option really...

Made the oatbran pancake yesterday...... Eugh! Is all I can say... Back to mixing with yoghurt I think


** Chief WITCH **
Which brand "bacon" are you having? I'd strongly advise you switch to more home cooked produce as bacon and ham are very salty. Which cottage cheese? (Tesco value is the lowest fat and best adapted to the diet but, given that it's not fat free, don't have loads!)

Check out our recipe section for oatbran suggestions. Muffins are lovely. Galette is nice but takes a little practice (our FAQ section might help there).
Um... Bacon? Waitrose low fat with no fat at all, ham.... Wafer thin slices, can't remember where from .... What exactly does the salt do?

When you say home cooked produce, what do you mean? If u take away ham and bacon, what bfast options does that leave me??

No loss again today :( its beginning to seem like misery for no benefit!

I do appreciate any advice please!



Not very good at this!
Salt can cause you to retain water. Processed meats can sometimes contain hidden extras such as sugar and starches.

Breakfast can be an odd meal but some people like oatbran porridge. You could have muffins or boiled egg or scrambled egg or an omelette? I think you just need to be a bit more creative with breakfast and not scared to steer away from the norm - I have been known to have chicken, pilchards and all kinds of other strange things for breakfast.
Day 6

Ok so it would seem I should have bought the Dukan book not the cheaper in a nutshell version!!!!

I have been using soy sauce, muller light, and skimmed milk powder in my tea! Yikes! Turns out that these are tolerated? Where can I get a list please? And now what, should I do more days on attack to make up for it or go to cruise anyway?

Off to buy a bottle of skimmed milk for my tea :(
Day 7

5.2lb off in total! Pretty pleased with that, considering a Thai green curry with cauliflower rice for tea.... Thinking I could use a bit of coconut muller light in some way? What do you think?

I would read the book.. it is really helpful to get the logic of things, reading labels and all.
especially in the beginning of the diet, if you are not sure about something, pass it. Come and ask here if you really really should have it:)
I didn't know about tolerated items almost 2 months into cruise, I think it served me well. Still, I am having them every once in a while, not regularly..
Good luck! :)
Day 8

1lb back on :(

I was really good yesterday too! Was gonna go first day of cruise, but had no veg for bfast or lunch so thought an extra day of attack wouldn't hurt.

Veg today though... Hoping to go for a run this afternoon, haven't done one for 6 months so it will be like starting over..... Not sure how far I will get after 7 days attack but I reckon if I up the exercise a bit then the weight should come off.... That's the theory anyway ;)

Let u know how I get on......

Day 9

I can't believe it's day nine already! 1.6 lb off this morning, should I stop weighing daily now I am in Cruise?

Woke up with awful gum infection, cant help but think the lack of veggies hasn't helped.... And I feel rubbish... Slept badly last night and woke up at the crack of dawn :(

PP today, ham for bfast, in a rush as they closed our road for resurfacing and I had to dash out so I could get my car off the drive.

I must say, this time last week I was obsessing about lunch by 10am but today I didn't even feel that hungry at bfast, and not at all now... Should I force something down? I think I'd better, school half term and daughter is taking friend to McDonald's, that is gonna be a test....

Still day 9

Meant to say that I found a pack of unused lipobind in the cupboard, would it hurt to throw them into the mix do you think?

Any advice gratefully received xxxx
Day 9 still!

Bfast, lean wafer thin ham
Lunch, galette with smear of ff yog and sweetener
Dinner, turkey meatballs in curry type broth, 0% yog and hard boiled eggs

3 diet cokes
4 cups tea
2 glass water
2 sugar free mints

Snacked on 10 seafood sticks
Day 11

Grrrrrrrr........ I don't know what's up but I put on again today? I am same weight today as day 7?

Yesterday's menu PV
Mushrooms, toms, turkey bacon and a dry fried egg
Roast chicken (no skin) butternut squash mashed with 1tbsp 0% yog, asparagus, sprouts and a slice of carrot

3 diet cokes and 4 or 5 cups of tea made with skimmed milk

Today so far just the galette for brekkie, planning egg and leftover chicken for lunch, salmon fillet for tea?

I feel right grumpy, I wanna be slim so bad but it's not happening, two days ago, my iPad app said I could reach goal by mid dec, now it says 30th dec? And I know that won't happen cos of chrismas :(

Motivational thoughts please, to keep me going :)
Day 13

Sts today :(

Just can't get under 180!

Checked my calorie intake for the last few days and it's under 1000 a day so based purely on that I should be losing? And everyone says when you stop drinking the weight falls off........ pffft! I've gone from wine every day to tea and diet coke and still struggling......

Galette for brekkie, now I am fed up because it was so nice but now I can't have it for lunch! My sweet tooth is really niggling me this weekend... Daughter and friend made rice crispy cakes last night and I swear I could have ripped her arm off for one! Then they found my sugar free jelly in the fridge and scoffed half of it!
Day 14

1.6lb off today!! That's a total of 7.2lb in two weeks.... Not as great as some starts but averages 0.5lb per day, so I am happy ish!

Bad girl today,,,, tablespoon of gravy accidently on my dinner, started pouring out of habit and just remembered in time, still ate it though! Hope it won't hurt....

Mmmmmm tried toffee muffins today, lovely, and then attempted Dukan yorkie puddings with my dinner... Don't get me wrong, they were hardly Aunt Bessie's, but they were near enough that I ate three of the spongey little suckers!!!!!

All in all a good day, my 12 yr old went collecting for Midland Air Ambulance for two hours today and raised £160 bless her! I am v proud mummy...
Day 15

? 1lb on this morning just when I was over half stone lost I put one back on, hopefully not for too long!

Day one of Couch 2 5k completed this afternoon, so hopefully that will impact on weight loss this week, I am so determined... I have promised myself no new clothes until I have lost half of total to lose which is 20lb, 14.2 to go.......

Bring it on!
Day 16

I don't think the Dukan diet is for me :( another 1.2lb on today, gonna give it till Sunday and then consider other options....

It just seems like alot of sacrifice and restriction for not much lost! 5.4lb in 15 days :( could've done that without missing out so much....