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Day 3 and doing Ok - dreading work tomorrow though !!

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by blondie29, 19 July 2009 Social URL.

  1. blondie29

    blondie29 Full Member

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    Very Poor
    Hiya Everyone

    Well Its my day 3 now and im doing ok, so far havent had any bad headaches but I am peeing for britain. I weighed this morning and Ive lost 5lbs in 2 days so all is good but I know its only water, My hardest time is on a evening when I would usually pick on something with my hubby, makes me just wanna go grab a piece of cheese or something...

    I am dreading work tomorrow though, I work in a office and I dont want ppl to know im doing the diet as they will try and put me off doing it - etc etc, so Im wondering what the hot chocolates are like, can you make them up with hot water from the kettle and add sweetner?? Do they mix ok without a blender - as I cant stand the bits in it otherwise? Should I use 1 packet of choc shake to make 2 hot chocolates??

    Hope you all still doing great, its brilliant to read all your stories but I have no idea how you do this diet for months !!!:)
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  3. Doirin

    Doirin Positivity is the key

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    Lipotrim, now weight watchers
    Hi Blondie,
    well done so far, don't get caught up with weighing yourself at home, we all way differently on different days so it's not a good habit to get into esp for later.
    On the hot choc front, I liked them but could not blend them properly without a hand held blender. Although if you made it cold in your shaker then heated it in the microwave then it should be fine. Just remember you can not shake hot drinks in the shaker as they tend to fire the top off and decorate your kitchen. You could split the packet and make up two, I have done that in the earlier days but now it suits me just to eat 3 times a day. I used to leave my last shake until 9, then I would feel full during the evening. Nowadays I have it between 7-8pm as I don't feel the urge to eat. Most of that urge is in our head as it is something we always did and now we can't. Teaches us better habits for later once we are off this part of the diet.
    Best of luck for work tomorrow, hope it goes well.
  4. skinnyminnycoming

    skinnyminnycoming Full Member

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    hi blondie

    well done on sticking with it. the first few days are the hardest but it you're doing really well.

    i too find evenings difficult and i've found the weekend tough going but have managed to keep myself busy which helps immensely.

    I actually find doing the diet at work a lot easier. i take my shaker and generally have a strawberry shake for lunch.....and i shake it at my desk. if people ask then i tell them what i'm doing. i've found that they're more interested and questioning about it rather than trying to put me off. i know someone who lost 3st in 11 weeks and when i mention her they tend to encourage me and let me know how i've gone on at my weigh in.

    keep going with it. your fist weigh i will spur you on no end. as for getting weighed at home, i'd give that a miss just because its a nice surprise when you do weigh in and because your scales and the chemist scales may vary.

    good luck xx
  5. Scotsmist

    Scotsmist Life is not a Rehersal!

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    Was on LT, now Rosemary Conley
    Hi Blondie

    WEll done on getting to Day 3!

    You could do the choc cold, in your shaker, and then maybe try to microwave it. I havent done this before, but it might work! But, once I have shaked mine in the shaker (usually lump free too), I then stick it in a glass to drink. People will think it is just a FRIJJ choc drink :)

    HOpe you find a solution for you, but I too find it easier at work, but then again I work on my own, but I tell everyone I am on LT! Tough if they dont like it....had so many friends try to talk me out of it and still do, but I know my body more than them and once I start to feel very poorly, then I think I have the sense to know to start eating again.

    I too used to eat at night, that was my worst time, but I just try and busy myself in the garden and then sit down around 9-10pm and by which time I am not fussed about eating...totally different to my OTHER life!! You will learn to change your habits and it will eventually become a good habit where you dont think about eating.

    Hang in there and try and be positive. Dont keep looking at hurdles....just keep thinking of that lovely, slim and healthy body you will have soon.

    Take care!!
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