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Day 3 and I feel terrible


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Hi All

Day 3 and my head feels like it’s about to burst. No amount of pain killers seems to shift it. Actually feel like I’ve got a bad hangover.........not good! :character00264:

Please someone tell me this won’t last long.

Day 1 and 2 were fine, didn't miss the food surprisingly. The Banana Shake and the Thai Chicken Soup are really good.

Can’t say the same for the Chocolate Shake and Tomato Soup :yuk:but I’m sure it will grow on me.

The hunger is setting in now.:eating:
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Ah! the hangover stage. That's exactly how I described it. Essentially your body is in the process of running out of carbs and suffering a bit of dehydration (both of which also happen during a 'proper' hangover), and switching to it''s alternative fuel source. It's not fair, feeling that bad without actually having deserved it!

Yes, this is normal, and yes, it'll pass. Probably tomorrow. By day 5-6 you may well start feeling proper human again, and by the end of the first week your body will begin to stop screaming at you to eat - it'll learn that it's not going to be. Be grateful you're suffering the crappy period over a weekend!

It'll pass. :) Give it to the end of the first week, a day at a time.

then week 2 onwards the novelty wears off and you realise you in this for the longer term. But that's another problem entirely ;)
Oh deedee, miss d is your partner on this one, she really suffered like you
few questions/recommendations

are you drinking lots of water throughout the day?

Drinking caffeine based drinks too? They do help with the withdrawal, probably if you ate a lot of choccy, as that has caffeine in too
take paracetamol, I personally wouldsteer off too many, remeber you have not had much to eat

oh, and look after yourself
try a nice bath and an early night

good luck


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It will get better, I promise. You just have to ride the next couple of days out. Try and rest and drink plenty of water.
Bren xx


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Much better today

Thanks everyone. You were all right. Feeling a 100% better, no headaches and don't want to eat everything that moves anymore.

Think I wasn't drinking enough water so I keep a record of it now so i make sure I have the recommended amount.

Just experienced the Veggie soup. It was emotional:yuk:
Glad to hear you're through the "hangover" stage!! Ahh the veggie soup is actually my fave!! Seems none of us can agree on the best flavour... :)
s'quite funny - veggie is my fave, too.

Hurrah for swopsies, eh? it's be awkward if we all liked the same ones...
Bleurgh to veg
Thai chick
then mushroom are faves


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As it stands:
Mushroom is my fav soup.
Choc shake my least fav shake.

Good stuff Deedee

Love Myr xxx
If I never ate real food again I would be happy with chocolate shake for breakfast, choc orange bar at lunch and mushroom soup for dinner every day!!

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