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Day 3 blues and purging


Absolutely Determined!
That's the worst thing you can do!! It's pretty dangerous to mess about with your body like that :( The best thing you can do is accept that it's done, drink lots of water, and carry on as though nothing has happened. Please don't make yourself sick - that's not a road you want to be going down.
Chin up x


Absolutely Determined!
P.S - There's no point feeling bad. At the end of the day, we all make choices. We choose to eat, or not to eat. You can't beat yourself up for making a choice. If you look at food as the enemy then you will never mend your relationship with it. I'm not trying to be harsh, I'm just trying to get you to realise that making eating such a massive negativity for you isn't going to be helpful long term. Every day you get to make a choice about what goes in your body. Ok, so you didn't much like todays choice; but, instead of being miserable or feeling guilty, just make a difference choice tomorrow :hug99:


Also to add if you felt because you felt faint, then ate to feel better - how is throwing up going to help the reason you ate in the first place?

Just move on and hope for a good remainder of the day, and a good day tomorrow.

Also make sure you're still eating your shakes.
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Thank you sweeties for such lovely responses, i took your advise and just kept on with the diet drinking lots of water. I think i've put alot of pressure on myself to lose weight fast that any hiccup really throws me off track. Reading back now i realise it was probably a bad idea. Thanks so much for your help and advice, it really helped me :):D:p x


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Miss candi,
the first few days are the hardest.. they really are. my third day was my worst day.. Just get loads of water down you take some neurofen. Have a nice relaxing bubble bath and an early night..
Before you know it your be where you want to be.


I'm determined this time!
Hi guys . . .

This is day 3 for me on CD and I felt rubbish tonite - but I have been reading all the posts on here and not only have they perked me up but the time has passed sooo quickly! I can't believe I have been on here for 2 hours.

I think I'm going to be spending quite a bit of time on here the next few months and I'm looking forward to getting to know all of you.

You all seem like a very supportive bunch and I hope as time goes on I can maybe help with some support.

Still have a long way to go . . . . .


always struggling
Hi miss candi, good girl for not making yourself sick!! Not the way to go. this journey we have chosen is going to have its ups and downs and we have got to stick together.

Nickie Im like you I have been on here since half 7!!!! Its so motivational and gives me chance to catch up with people who are in the same boat and of course to read all the FANTASTIC lovelies on here that are doing so well and make me realise WE CAN DO THIS :cool:. xx

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