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Day 3, feeling fine, but had 2 portions already!!


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Hi,new here and on day 3 of Exante TS. First time have tried it. I gave up smoking 3 months ago and have just piled on the pounds since then, so need to deal with it now before it gets too out of control. I am 11stone and need to get back down to 9st 10lbs. Going fine so far, but must admit feeling a bit bloated today. :eek:. Am drinking plenty and havent really been hungry. Have been more of a comfort eater, hence having eaten a shake and a bar already today! I dont have a good relationship with food, never have, so I must now get out of the bad habits etc. Anyway, the website is great for motivation when things are getting alittle tough. I've read people loosing a lot of weight in a week or two weeks, but at the moment I can't visulise that happening to me. :confused:. Anyway sorry for waffling on..... good to be here. xx
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Hiya, it's quiet here at the moment just a few hard core dieters left on the Exante wagon.
Well done on biting the bullet this close to Christmas.

Good luck, the first 3-4 days are the hardest, once you get past these you are in ketosis and should be less hungry.
Try to get as much as 2-3L of water down a day to prevent headaches.

I find keeping a diary here a good way to keep me on track, there are so many peeps who are here to answer any queries and support you along your journey. This time of the year it might be a while before you get a reply as everyone is so busy.

Have you made any plans to get you through Christmas?


Hi kS09, how is it going for you now, i am on day 13 and what are you now day 8??? I have had a wobbly moment or 2, i have had a boiled egg if ive felt desperate. ive not had massive losses as others have but i have an underactive thyroid and am really happy with 8lb gone so far, would never manage that at slimming clubs etc. Well done starting near christmas it shows commitment, at 11st 13lb i dont have a massive amount to lose either and i think Exante will help me achieve my goal much easier and quicker, ad its certainly made me take stock of why i eat and to learn to live with feeling a it hungry, i love being restricted from food i now have control.!!!!!! Hope all is going well , recieving my second pack today YAY !!!!!!! :)


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Hope you're getting on okay x