day 3 of my Cambridge diet..So upset..


I want to be slim !!
I started cambridge diet 3 days ago, and feel very weepy tonight, just spoke to hubby on phone and cried all through it..Im sooooooo hungry, been drinking 3/4 litres of water per day, I have been told to leave at least 4 hours between pack so been having them 10am/2pm/6pm and by 8pm i am starving !! i know you will all say it will get better and i really hope it does,But i cant stop crying..

Any advice ??
Oh goodness C.J :( Promise you it will get better. Really it does.

Meanwhile, you don't need to go 4 hours between shakes.

You can split them into 6 smaller meals if you want.

Hold on there. If you are really desperate have another shake.

You're doing great....just need to hold on a bit longer.

We're behind you here.
Thanks for your kind words.. i feel so low.. i really need to do this diet as i have tried everything in the book.. ive even been given slimming pills from doc..
((hugs)) the first few days are by far the worst!

I'd recommend an early night.. and weighing yourself in the morning as motivation! ;) 'cos i'll be you're shrinking already! lol

Seriously.. hang on in there! you're through the worst 3 days..
You're welcome:)

It's the most amazing diet, but it's just getting through those first few days.

Have you done a very low calorie diet before?
Hi CJ,

Keep going CJ, it will get better I promise you. I felt really, really down in my first few weeks of CD (in 4 days I'll have been doing it for a whole year!!) and could have wept for Britain over nothing - either that or I'd be dreaming of smacking a most annoying colleague's head thru the nearest brick wall:mad:

Do as Karion says - split your packs or have an extra one if you are absolutely desperate. Drink loads of water and by the weekend you'll feel heaps better - honest!

Ive tried cambridge before, but when my hubby found me sobbing in the bath on day 7, I gave in to hunger..Also my cdc was about as much use as a chocolate fire guard, Got different one this time..!!
I find it important not to get too tired. I found going to bed early in the first few days really helpful. I felt really on top of the world with the extra sleep, especially seeing the weight falling off and knowing the nutrition was taken care of and I was freed from the burden of eating for a while. I have been doing this for almost three months now and do notice how much harder I find it when I am extra tired. Hope this helps some!
Just seen your in West yorkshire!!! WAVES. I live in Huddersfield. :)

You have done really well to ignore that hunger. It is hard - really hard and you are doing so well.
Split your packs - have an extra one if you're desperate. You will feel better soon a nd the hunger will fade.

Dont forget your Happy hormones drop a bit on a VLCD so take solace in the fact it's not you it's your ****** hormones!! (i'm having issues with mine today. :D)

Keep going hun - you can do this. :)
Cheers Helen... Waves to u too, Im in a nice part of bradford.. my cdc in huddesfield ..!! maybe we use the same one.
I know who you mean but i dont go to her because i had already started with another CDC and didnt want to change!!

Vicky (canireallydothis) goes to see the one in Hudds though and really likes her. :)
Hey there :)

Sounds like weeping in the bath is a common side effect of a vlcd - I was in the bath on sunday sobbing because I wanted food :rolleyes: I couldn't make my 1st weigh in tonight as I was away with work, but my friend told the group and one lass said her hubbie had sent her to bed when she'd had a big tantrum because she wanted to eat! :D It apparently made them all giggle, so we're not alone.

Try to stay positive :)

Kitty x
You are deffinitley not alone, day 4 I was crying into my soup!!! It was that disgusting tomato one. I think the tears improved it. Hubby just sat and giggled at me whilst drinking white wine and eating salmon. It was that Salmon that did it!! I miss salmon.
Never mind. Over a stone down, it has got easier I am on day18 now. I have 1 stone 7 lbs to go. I will get there in the end. Just noticed my speeling has gone to pot. Time for bed methinks. Keep on in there CJ it will come right in the end.

Hiya CJ

I promise you that when you look back once you reach goal weight that you will be so damn proud that you stuck out these first crappy days and got into the diet.

This is life changing stuff and just a few short days will shape the rest of your life.

HANG IN THERE!! You want this and need this.

Great advice and support from everyone here CJ, it really will get better. Just hang on in there for a few more days and remember how FANTASTIC you're going to feel when you get on those scales at the end of your first week
Hiya babe, please, please, please stick with it. I know its really hard at the moment but i promise you it does get easier and you know once all the first initial symptoms pass the diet is great and you'll never look back. I am on day 8 now and to be honest its been quite easy for me but i know there are people in my group who had a bad ride in the first 2-5 days. However they are great now and looking forward to be ing super sexy and slimmer! Stick with it and if you need to chat mail me on [email protected].
Morning Hun how are u doing.Hope u mangaged a good nights sleep.Dayn 4 for u come on u can do this.
Day 3 for me and i have attempted cd at least 10 times over the past year and for either medical reasons or my own stupid need to eat i never got past day 1,well here i am day 3 and feel strong and positive.

Hun we are strong women and we can do this imagine how good we are going to look on new years eve when we r3/4 stone slimmer or even more,u r going to look back and say it was so worth it.

Hope u have a good day,remember we r always here so cone and chat to us at any time,we are all here 2 support eachother.
You are completely normal, hun - lots of us felt the same way in the early days of a vlcd!!

Hang on in there - hope you feel better today!