DAY 3...........So hungry !

Hello everyone, im on day 3 and finding it ok I must say. at least my headache had lifted today and im still drinking lots of water which i quite enjoy. I have noticed today ive been hungry ? or craving and felt like ive eaten too much.

B fromage frais and porridge with skimmed milk
de caff coffee with skimmed milk and sweetener.

L pack of chicken breast skinless from M&S.

S Pack low fat beef from M&S.

D 3 egg with smoked salmon.

ill drink lots more water tonight and if i still need to eat i will have a lowfat yog.

This seems like so much to eat,compared to what ive eaten on days 1&2. Is this usual ?
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If you're hungry, eat.
Make sure you're eating enough protein for your weight.

Make sure the prepack stuff you're eating dosent contain any nasties, sugars in packaged meats can be most unhelpful.

You'll get there.


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Ditto what Jaqys said - you are much better off steering clear of processed and prepacked food.


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also, please fill out your User CP (top of page, blue section) because you mightn't be eating enough, depending on your current weight!