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day 4 and i carnt believe what ive done upset

S: 19st7lb
Hi all
Im on day 4 here but yesyrday for some mad reason i decided i was going to do 790 wel that was it as soon as i tasted food ive pigged out big time i had 3 slices toast with butter a single ham and branston pickle samdwich 1 party ring biccy and 2 choc orange cookies ohhh and a glass of milk !!!!
Im so upset and ashamed of myself i really wanted a good loss next week ive knoked myself out of ketosis im crying i feel so bad im back on it today but i doubt it will make much diff now as i weigh in on wed why why why why did i do it ? :cry:
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oh babe, I am so so sorry...

Get back on it today and you will be fine, just remember how your feeling now, eating bad food has made you feel bad..

Get back on track and you will loose, don't fall into that, failed so what the heck mode xxxx


MUST get a grip
Happens to the best of us hun, why dont you forget that you have done it, drink plenty plenty of water and have your next pack when you really are hungry????
You'll be back in ketosis Tue probably.... You've had a mere blip, dont turn it into a day of eating if you can get your head round it!
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Firstly drink plenty of water.

Secondly remove anything from the house that isn't CD, chicken, fish, cottage cheese, salad or veg!

You have got back on trck and can catch back up ... as long as you stop now! Don't make a minor blip into a binge. If you don't have any more carbs from now on, you'll easily get back into ketosis and have started burning fat again before Wednesday.

So stop now before you do anymore damage ... drink plenty of water, and look forward to a good rest of the week.

Maybe you also need to discuss with your CDC any reasons why you sabotaged it ... mine is stress and I know I do badly then. If you do want to do 790 ... and it's a great plan, then think ahead and always have your meal planned and ready in the fridge/cupboard.

Good luck and dry the tears ... one day doesn't have to ruin a week!
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Put it behind you!
Start again today,drink as much water as you can!
Try and remember how cr** you felt after eating that stuff and try and use that to keep you on the straight and narrow.

I'm sure if you ss from now to your weigh in you will have lost weight,so don't give up.Remember there is always someone to talk to on here if you are tempted.I find looking at everyones before and after pictures helps.Especially my sister-in-laws,I can't be the failure in the family!!!

S: 19st7lb
thanks guys ive already decided i gotta do ss i can not be trustesd with 790 im gonna be good today ive already had a 1ltr of water and no shakes yet im so mad at myself cos i could feel my clothes getting looser already grrrrrrrrrrrr why do i do this to myself i have to think its not permamnt jst for a tempory period till i lose the weight grrrrrr thankyou peeps xxx
Yep, as beverley says - draw a line under it and get back on track xxx


100% all the way!
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Keep your head up and forget about it! x x Today is a new day x x
Can't add to the excellent advice you've already received Lisa but just wanted to say good luck and stay strong :)


Totally Focused
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Okay Lisa. You know what you have to do, there has been brilliant advice here for you. Get straight back on - as you have - and keep focused on why you want to lose that weight. I'm here for you as well as we started more or less together. Keep strong!


Silver Member
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Good luck on your new day! We are all in the same (big) boat. Every day is a new start day for us. Yesterday doesn't matter, today does.
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Yay Lisa good on you girl for getting back on track. We're all proud of you xxx
Stick with it lisa hun take care of yourself and make a new start the advice already posted is excellant advice all i can say is good luck hun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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