Day 4 - Feeling Very Weak

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by That's_So_Fetch, 26 April 2008 Social URL.

  1. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    I've managed to make it day 4 without much hunger and i think i'm in ketosis because i have the bad breath and the metalic taste in my mouth but i am feeling so unbelievably weak today.

    Since i didn't experiece this during the first time i did CD, i was just wondering if feeling this way will pass and the energy boost from ketosis will kick in soon.

    I would appreciate your thoughts because i dont even have the energy to walk or sit up straight today.

    Thanks in advance xx :)
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  3. spooky

    spooky Banned

    It will pass :)

    Make sure you are drinking plenty and try and take it easy. Have an early night too if you can. Sounds like ketosis... doing fab!! :D
  4. Diva2B

    Diva2B Striving to be good.....

    Cambridge [allegedly :o)]
    Perfectly normal to feel feeble and weak. I thought it would always be like that but it passed in a day or two I am delighted to say!!
    Well done, its not a pleasant phase but persevere and you will quickly adjust. Then roll on the weight losses. The feeling when that needle drops down a sizeable chunk (instead of the odd pound or two with other diets) is amazing.
    I look forward to hearing your shrieks of joy as you celebrate your weight loss!

    lots of love

    Michelle xx
  5. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Aww thank you for your replies and lovely words of encouragement :). I am finding 2day abit difficult but i'm glad its the weekend because i can just relax and stay home.

    I really hope feeling so weak will pass soon and i get a boost of energy from being in ketosis. I have alot of uni assignments due in and alot of cummuting to uni soon so feeling weak is not going to help lol :(.

    I'm not expecting a big loss for week 1 because its TOTM and i am feeling extreamly bloated as well as weak :(. I have managed to resist the temptation of weighing myself every morning :) because i know it wont be accurate due to water retention with it bein TOTM and i dont want to get disheartended and give up:(.

    But if i get through week 1 i am 100% confident i will be able to complete the deit. I'm just worried about having to battle my emotional eating :( as i'm expecting to be stressed with assignments, but its a good challenge that i hope to learn from for the future :).

    Ok, i'm talking to much, so i'l shut up now, lol :rolleyes:.

    I hope everyone is having a fab day :). Thanks again for all your encouragement and support :) xx

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