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Day 4 - no side effects .... Should I be worried! HELP!!

Hi all,

I started LT TFR on Sunday for the first time, up to day 4 now and it seems great!

I'm getting worried though my pharmacist advised I would most likely start to feel bad day 3 or 4 before for the ketosis kicked in ... But nothing yet! No headaches, no more tired that usual and not even a rumble in my tummy .. Dont get me wrong I want to eat and see my partner eat, but it's more the flavour I envy not that im actually hungry!

Is this ok? I'm afraid it's not working ... I should be feeling something ... Rite!

Sorry for the ramble just scared I'll not lose!

Becky x
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To be honest with you I'm over 2 weeks in and the only thing I have is a slightly off taste in my mouth.last time I had the headaches and feeling rough and light headed and a really bad taste and stink from my mouth. I wouldn't knock it Hun.it's defo working and you will lose weight x


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I wouldnt sorry like starlight said you're prob in ketosis just havent had the yukkiness to get there! Your lucky! Also you'll defo have lost if you havent eaten or drunk what you shouldnt! Enjoy it!!xx
Thanks starlight, set my mind at ease a bit!

Just worried I see other people saying it very hard week one, and I am finding it just fine. I'm sticking strictly to the instructions and drink my 4 litres a day so hopefully that's why I'm coping!
I am in my 4th week now, and like you I didn't struggle at all with the first week :) Struggling now though as getting bored with it! Love seeing the weight come off though :)
Thanks Minnie Me!

Do you mind me asking how much you lost week 1 ... Just want to have a realist expectation in my head!

Just about to sit down to a vanilla shake with a wee bit of coffee added yummy!
Hi, I am on day 4 too and have just registered!
I was ready for throwing the towel in last night and this morning but just had chicken soup and feel better now. Phew.
My wee is strong and I have a funny taste in my mouth. I too am interrested to know how much people have lost in their first week and did they find it difficult, how did they overcome?
Hi Emmam,

We'll be weighing the same day so best of luck ... I am so scared it won't be good number!

Sorry to hear your having the bad effects .. Still no real side effects for me .. Except running for the toilet every ten mins! The people I work with must think I have lost it!

11lbs was brill Tay .. Congrats I would be over the moon if I got near that!
Hi Becky Boo, I lost 10 lbs the first week and 4 last week and this week. Was hoping for higher loss seeing as I've had no food!! but I guess if I stay at a steady 4 lbs a week it will be good :) I am only doing TFR for 2 more weeks then a week refeed and a week off as i have a wedding but i'm going straight back on TFR after that, I really want to get to my goal weight, I haven't been there for over 6 years!
Best of luck with your first weigh in :)
Hi Minni

Id be happy with that nice steady loss, and then do re-feed week 7, then it's my wedding so I have focus! But defo like you (after the honeymoon that is!) I will come back and do LT TFR as I am not finding too bad! (well ask me sat if the weigh in goes well I'll stick to it!

Well done on the loss must feel super to have it off And no if in the right direction! Nomdoubt the dress you buty for attending the wedding will be at least a size smaller! Yay

I lost 4 1/2 stone previously on WW but stupidly have put 4 of that back on .. So now I need a quick boost to get me back into gear .. And into all the lovely clothes I have but don't fit!

Really loving the boards through great support even just reading outs experiences!
Oh congratulations on your upcoming wedding, you will do fantastic in 7 weeks if you really stick to it. The diet really does work! I saw a beautiful dress in Monsoon today, I didn't try it on but really loved it, I will wait another 2 weeks and then try it on and hopefully I'll be buying it! I love this forum also but I have 3 very young children so i don't get much time to get on here, I hardly ever look at facebook now, this is my new facebook!! lol
I was same guys this is my 2nd phase of LT and have never had any yucky symptoms thank god. I lost 11lbs in my first week the first time around and 10lbs this time!!!! Everyone varies though - a good loss on your 1st week is anything from 7-14lb - good luck with the 1st weigh in x x x x
Thanks Angela,

Another day closer now .. So happy out!

Did you happen to find your energy levels were like a swing ... At work I was shattered couldn't even think! It's now 10.20pm and I am like a fairy! Weird!! But feeling good going to bed is nice!

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